Should I Buy My Date a Christmas Present?

Christmas dating

As we hurtle headfirst towards Christmas, Santa’s on his way and Christmas shopping fever is at its height. When buying presents for your parents, relatives, friends and co-workers, you may be wondering whether you should find a little something for that special someone too. But is it a good idea, or a recipe for disaster? Let’s take a look at the different stages of dating, to determine what’s acceptable – and what’s not!


Online Dating Conversations


You may be getting on like a house on fire online, but it goes without saying that you should never buy presents for someone you’ve only met in the virtual world. Until you’ve met face to face, you’re practically talking to a stranger. Besides, you’d sound incredibly creepy asking for their home address. Save gift giving until later down the line and spend more money on those all-important first dates.


Dates One and Two


Speaking of which, when you do meet in person there could be scope for a romantic gesture. December dates are fun and festive; in the spirit of Christmas, a card or gift could be seen as a thoughtful touch.


If you’ve gotten to know one another quite well online in the run up to Christmas, some flowers or chocolates are likely to go down well. But don’t go overboard, or you could risk looking too keen and scaring your date away. And if you opt for a card, keep it relatively short and sweet – no soppy poems or declarations of love just yet!


Going Steady

By the third or fourth date, it’s probably clear that you’re both into one another, so you may wish to consider something a little more personal. Perhaps their favourite artist has a new album out for Christmas, or they mentioned that they need a new scarf in passing.
A carefully chosen gift will show that you’ve been listening during those hours of getting to know one another, and will make them feel special. However, avoid splashing out in these early days – keep it small and light-hearted. That way, if they haven’t bought you something in return, it won’t be too awkward!


In a Relationship


If you’ve recently ‘made it official’, your partner may be expecting at least a small gift. To ensure that you’re both on the same page, spark a conversation about what you’re going to do this Christmas, so that one of you isn’t left disappointed or embarrassed! It’s a good idea to set a budget that you can both afford, to keep the playing field level in these early stages of your relationship.


Whether you’ve only just met or things are starting to get serious, follow these tips to ensure that your good wishes make the right impression this Christmas. Small, personal gifts are likely to have a much bigger impact than grand, expensive gestures, so save your pennies for Christmas dating instead!

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