The Singleton’s Guide To Surviving Wedding Season

wedding season

Nightmares churning with confetti; stacks of invitation cards by the doormat… yes, fellow singletons, wedding season is here again, and we understand your predicament. We know that you may be happy for the couples in your orbit, but kinda sad and wistful too: when are you going to meet that fabled life partner, and finally discover for yourself what warrants a £300 cake?

Well, take comfort from the following guidelines to making the most of your bachelorhood. By indulging in this behaviour, you can survive any mention of undying love this summer….

Binge to high heaven

Compromise is often touted as the key to a successful marriage, which essentially means not indulging selfishness to the nth degree. But you’re different – even casually seeing someone means you can take a few liberties with your time.

Make a ridiculous pile of nachos at three in the morning. Load up your favourite TV boxset, and sink into your sofa for the rest of the day. Having no-one around to check your habits is a gift that newlyweds have to return forever.

Get a new wardrobe

You may be sick to death of being asked to review a dozen bridal dresses, or accompanying a groom-to-be on a clueless tuxedo hunt. Show them how true elegance isn’t confined to the altar by investing in even one knock-out garment. Paired with a slick haircut, you’ll feel like the belle (or gent) of the ball at that next wedding party. Who needs a white dress, anyway?

Take a holiday

No, this isn’t an escape clause, although you could make it one if you’re really desperate to avoid a wedding planner. We’re talking about giving yourself permission to go on a trip that’s better than any honeymoon.

You can do things differently: a backpacking holiday, for instance, will result in a glut of great stories that couples will fawn over enviously. You might even meet The One on a meditation retreat in Cambodia, which would be a thrilling story to tell your future grandkids.

Be the life of the party

Aside from all of this, when it comes to crunch time (again) and you’re sitting with cool eyes at the wedding reception, just remember to have a laugh. Plenty of people aren’t married – hey, at least you’ve been invited to drink free booze, dance to ABBA, and capitalise on the frivolities! And if you’re enjoying every minute, you’ll attract your opposite number in no time, who won’t be able to ignore your magnanimous smile at the mother-in-law moonwalking by the punch bowl.

While it’s occasionally crushing to have nuptials slapping you round the face in summertime, please remember that everyone gets what’s coming to them. A wedding, after all, is mostly an expensive way to say “I love you”, and there are many more spins on those three words, some of which you’ll find when it’s your turn in the spotlight.

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