The Four Golden Rules of a Cinema Date

Movie Date

A trip to the cinema has long been considered the first date of choice for love-struck teenagers in search of a back-row smooch. For adults however, being able to see and talk to your partner tends to be a more popular formula. Bradley Cooper must therefore sadly wait. Or must he?


Once you’ve dined in sophisticated restaurants and drank in busy bars, the cinema can be a fun way to re-live that old-school romance of your youth. If you haven’t already learnt them the hard way, here are our four golden rules to follow for a successful cinema date.


1. Choose Carefully


Traditionally men allow their date to choose the movie. However, as you’re both going to have to sit through the film, try to reach a compromise by finding something you both want to see. Whilst you might be itching to swoon over Channing Tatum ripping his clothes off in Magic Mike 2, your partner may be less enthusiastic.


Also consider the mood the film is likely to set. If an intense drama or romance is likely to leave you a sobbing emotional wreck, avoid it at all costs. Instead, choose a light-hearted comedy with a simple plot and plenty of moments when you’ll be laughing together. If intimacy is what you’re looking for, there’s nothing like an adrenaline-fuelled horror to bring couples closer.


2. Hotdogs Aren’t Sexy


Sharing food with your date at the cinema is a big yes! If carefully selected, dipping in and out of some shared confectionary will encourage intimacy by bringing you closer together. Be warned however, a mustard-drenched frankfurter tends to have opposite effect and guarantees you a kiss-free film. Equally, noisily stuffing your face with popcorn and getting most of it on the floor isn’t attractive. For a reliable choice, opt for plain and simple chocolates.


3. Get Cosy


Whatever our age, the anticipation of touching someone creates a chemical storm in our brains that produces those all too familiar butterflies. The dim lights and close seating make cinemas the perfect setting for holding hands or snuggling-up.


Your date may not be able to see you, but a pleasant scent of perfume or aftershave is bound to go down well whilst getting cosy during the film. If intimacy is your main goal then a less popular film will give you more privacy – just remember you’re still in a public place!


4. Talk About It


One of the best things about a movie date is that it gives you plenty to talk about after. Whatever the verdict, films generate opinions and opinions are fuel for discussion. Continue the night by suggesting a post-movie drink where you can share your thoughts on whether Tom Cruise is looking too old, or whether it’s acceptable for men to enjoy Twilight.


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