The Grill on the Corner, Glasgow

The Grill on the Corner


21-25 Bothwell Street


G2 6NL


Good place to take a date:


Whilst Anchorman might not have had the charm with his promises of rich mahogany, The Grill on the Corner has got the ambience just right with its rich leather tones and deep dark wood. Draw your date in with the glistening fairy lights that stream the windows of the restaurant, and book a booth for an intimate dining experience. The Grill on the Corner is classy without being stuff, and has a lively vibe that, with the inviting décor, is sure to warm things up. Offering the best of British, you’re sure to get a good feed here. Juicy steaks, succulent burgers and proper Sunday lunch will have you drooling even if your date doesn’t!


Good place to meet for a first date:


The great thing about The Grill on the Corner is that with its comfy and warm interior, it sort of feels like a home from home. Well, enough to make it a relaxing place for Glasgow dating. What’s more, the attentive staff do their best to make your evening special, and allow you to take things slow if you want to talk the night away getting to know your date. Looking to find that special person? Why not put yourself out there are host a singles cocktail master class for a fun way to mingle, and learn some winning cocktail recipes that will always come in handy!

The Grill on the Corner

The Grill on the Corner

Average age:

If you love hearty British grub and welcoming restaurants with great service, then it doesn’t matter how old you are to enjoy a visit here. Well, perhaps you might thank twice if one of you is a vegetarian; The Grill on the Corner connects not only new lovers but meat lovers. Dress code really isn’t strict, so you can play it cool or glam up if you like, it’s pretty laid back.


Average cost of a meal and a drink:

Let’s just say that you might want to pray they don’t order the most expensive thing on the menu. At £55, the Wagyu fillet may be ‘massaged from birth’ but try explaining that to bank balance. However in general the menu isn’t too expensive considering the style of the place. Mains cost on average £12-£15, or a little more if you want steak or seafood. With such a great atmosphere and delicious food it’s worth every penny for a special Glasgow date.


Time of review:

This restaurant tends to be packed throughout the week, so is a safe bet for meeting someone for an interesting meal whatever the day or time. They serve a cracking roast on the weekend if you want to move away from the classic Friday night rendezvous.


Type of cuisine:

The Grill on the Corner’s mission is to bring its guests ‘solid, honest & simple proper food.’ So if you’re looking for a genuine match that might be the one, Glasgow dates at this special place are ideal. Find home cooked food with an elegant twist, from Sunday roasts to moreish fajitas. Oh, and leave room for one of the delicious desserts that will show them your sweet side!


Final word:

Have a night as sizzling as the steaks on the menu at The Grill on the Corner. The refined yet relaxed atmosphere makes it perfect for first dates and romantic occasions. You’d have a challenge making it an awkward dinner with the divine food and friendly staff to spice up the evening!