The One-Month Valentine’s Day Date Plan

Valentine's Day Dating

Believe it or not, Valentine’s Day is already creeping up on us. You’ve only just taken down your Christmas decorations and now the shops are awash with soppy cards and gifts. And whilst you can always resort to watching 50 Shades of Grey alone at the cinema on the big day, a romantic dinner for two is a much more traditional (and exciting) way to spend February the 14th. Besides, you can always watch it on DVD when it’s released.


So as the one month countdown begins, here’s a game plan to help you get on track for Valentine’s Day dating.


One Month To Go


Let’s face it, the clock is ticking to find someone worth wining and dining with on the big day, and January is hardly the most social of months for going out and meeting people. On the other hand, online dating numbers surge by around 40% this month, and with free dating online you can connect with local singles without spending a penny.


If you haven’t already got an online dating account, sign up today and spend your lunch break setting up a winning profile. Then dive into the fun and get flirting with likeminded people who catch your eye.


Two Weeks to Go


When chatting to singles online, you don’t want to appear too forward initially. But as Valentine’s Day approaches try to pick out someone who really ticks the boxes and work up the courage to ask them out on a date. No one wants to be alone on the February the 14th, so your chances of a ‘yes’ are surely going to be much higher as January comes to a close!
Restaurant bookings will be filling up fast by the start of February, so if you can’t get a spot at a romantic restaurant locally, get creative and suggest a unique date idea instead. Not only will it avoid you ending up in an average chain, but you’ll also ensure that it’s a date to remember!

One Week to Go


Time is running out if you want to secure a date for the 14th, but don’t despair! If you don’t want to be alone on the night but feel you haven’t quite reached the stage for a formal date with that special someone yet, why not invite him or her out for a drink? That way, you can get to know them better in person, without the pressure of a traditional ‘first date’. You never know, they might snap your hand off at the opportunity – all you have to do is ask.


Make sure that you aren’t stuck at home alone on Valentine’s Day by getting your a** into gear with our countdown game plan. Free online dating is a great way to mingle with local singles – especially as people’s purses feel the pinch in January! And with our expert online dating advice you’ll be sure to bag a date by the big day.


Photo Credit: Mat Simpson

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