The Single’s Guide to Surviving the Work Christmas Party

Office Christmas Party

Dig out your Christmas jumper, brace yourself for your boss’s awful jokes, and prepare for one of the most unpredictable nights on the calendar. Work Christmas parties can be the highlight or lowlight of the festive season, especially for singletons. As the drink flows, judgement goes, and at least one person in the office will be trying to keep a low profile at work the next day.


Want to avoid being that person? We’ve got some tips to keep you in the green zone this year at your office party.


Dress to impress


From fancy dress parties to black tie events, your work party is a chance to step out of your stuffy clothes and put on something that showcases your personality. Dress to impress for your Christmas do, but remember that ultimately you’re out with your boss and co-workers. So ladies, no risqué skirts and men, no penguin suits.


Leave the beer goggles at home


After a skinful of free booze, it’s hardly surprising that you’ll want to get close to that secret crush that you’ve been harbouring all year. You may even lock eyes with someone you never saw as a potential match before. However, it’s impossible to keep a clear head when drunk – to avoid embarrassment, stay in control of your alcohol consumption!


Sidestep the mistletoe


Sometimes, even the most unsuspecting characters in the company can be the source of your woes. Stand too close to the mistletoe, and you never know who might be making a beeline in your direction. To avoid any awkward encounters with less desirable people in the office, log the position of the mistletoe on arrival, and stay well away if possible!


Line your stomach


When it’s time to down tools and start the celebrations, your first thought is probably to grab a drink. However, the key to being the last man or woman standing at the office Christmas party is to line your stomach before things get in full swing.


Let’s face it, food is never the priority at a work bash, so if you want to last the duration and avoid a midnight trip to the kebab shop, bring along a snack to keep you going!


Switch off your phone


What could be funnier than a photo of your boss dancing with a chair, or your co-workers stealing the Christmas tree? Tempting though it may be to upload your selfies straight to Facebook, hold off until the morning after when you can make a much better judgement on what’s acceptable… and what’s not! Save the golden ones to print out for the next bash, for endless giggles.


Your work Christmas party is a chance to let your hair down and reap the rewards of your hard work. With a few handy tips from this guide, you can ensure that you have only good memories from this year’s festive bash. After all, you’re hardly going to meet the apple of your eye drinking punch at the photocopier now, are you?

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