To Free or not to Free (continued)

free dating versus paid-fof dating sitesIn the first post on this subject, I talked about why freedating sites are different to paid-for (or premium) dating sites, and how they (generally!) cater for two different types of single. In this instalment, I’ll go into what people are looking for when they join a paid-for site, and also why here at FreeAndSingle, we’ve made the bold move of running both.


When someone joins a premium dating site, it’s generally because they’re looking for something they haven’t been able to find on a free dating site like And that “something” is usually other singles who are looking for the same thing…a relationship.


People tend to take things more seriously when they pay for them. With online dating it’s exactly the same. More people upload photos, and complete their profile properly on paid-for sites. More people consider what they write in their first emails to prospective dates. And they do all this because they know they’re dealing with other, more engaged, singles, and because they know it matters!


We’ve taken the unique step of managing both free and premium dating sites. This allows people to try out online dating for free, in a safe, fun environment. While they’re doing this, we’re learning more about them and whether a niche site might be more suited to their needs. Similarly, paid sites aren’t for everybody either. Some people will join our niche sites and never pay, usually because they’re just not ready to date seriously. In which case, they can join and try, and see how that goes for them.




As each of our niche dating sites is completely unique, we usually recommend our members to join the free daitng site,, and in addition, join a couple of the niche sites they think they will be most suited to. Then, get involved with each of them, and see how things go!


As ever, good luck in your search. Stay positive, smile, and enjoy yourself. It’s dating, after all, which should make anyone feel good!

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