Twice as Nice or Double Trouble? The Do’s and Don’ts of Double Dating

Double Dating

Double dating can be a great opportunity to introduce your date to your friends or to meet your partner’s mates. A fun way to break the ice and learn more about your partner, it can also provide a safe, comfortable environment in which you can get to know each other better. In the best-case scenario, you might make some fantastic new friends.


However, double dating can also be tricky. After all, there are four people that need to get on, not just two! Follow our tips to ensure a first-rate double date.


DO plan with precision.


Choose the other couple wisely; if you can’t stand your best friend’s boyfriend, chances are your date won’t be able to either. Invite a couple that you like and that have a strong, straightforward relationship with each other. On a similar note, make sure that you and your date feel comfortable enough on your own before attempting group dating, to avoid potentially awkward situations!


It’s also worth considering the details. If you’re eating out, make sure that everyone likes the cuisine and can afford the bill. Ask yourself: is this a plan that everyone will be happy with?


DON’T forget dating etiquette.


Getting really drunk, flirting with another member of the group and bickering or being too intimate with your partner are all big no-nos. Don’t forget boundaries and be sure not to divulge personal information about your partner or someone else in the group.


DO make it fun.


Plan group-friendly activities that will encourage conversation. Seeing a movie before dinner will give you something additional to talk about. If the sun is shining, why not take a picnic and frisbee to the park? Or, try something new like mini golf, a cookery class or ice-skating. An action-packed date is bound to kickstart conversation – and potentially provide a lot of laughs too!


DON’T be exclusive.


If you’re in the company of your best friend, it can be easy to resort to in-jokes and reminisce about the past. Similarly, co-workers on a double date can end up talking about work all evening (yawn).


The same can be true of you and your date: don’t engage in conversation that excludes the other couple. Instead, make sure that everyone is included in the discussion, by asking questions and changing the topic when necessary. If one person in the group is particularly shy, do your best to make them feel involved.


DO enjoy yourself!


Finally, let your hair down and enjoy the date! Be yourself and let the fun flow. If for some unfortunate reason it doesn’t quite go to plan, remember it’s only one night. Accept it and move on.


Whether you’ve only just started dating or you’ve been seeing each other for a while, a double date can be a brilliant idea. Still looking for someone special? Join FreeAndSingle today and you could be on your way to (double!) dating success.

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