What are the Pros and Cons of a Relationship?

Sometimes it seems as if all those people in happy relationships are a tad envious of the singleton’s freedom.


Other times, it feels like being single is possibly the worst thing in the world. Conflicting, huh?


So, we at Free and Single have done a quick round up of the pros and cons of relationships – to enthuse you and motivate you into continuing your dating adventures to find ‘The One’, or else to make you appreciate your single-ness until fate sees fit to intervene!



  • It’s cold, it’s raining and you’re snuggled up together on the sofa under a blanket, with a good movie and a cup of tea. Bliss.
  • Support on tap! Come home from a hard day, have a bit of a moan, enjoy dispensing advice, maybe get a shoulder massage…
  • Feeling frisky? Get down to business with all the love and trust you could want.
  • Want to travel? Hate walking into new places by yourself? Insta-travel companion!
  • Someone to bring you soup and blankets when you’re feeling poorly.
  • A shoulder to cry on when things go topsy turvy.
  • ‘Darling, do I look good in this?’ Answer: ‘Ravishing.’



  • Being with someone means involving them in your life. They’ll worry if they don’t know where you are or if you are proving incontactable.
  • Mess/Tidiness. One of you will prefer things slightly tidier than the other. That’s life, folks.
  • When your other half goes about ordering salads or saying they aren’t hungry, only to start nicking your chips.
  • The inevitable urge to start changing them, or yourself, to fit.
  • Jealousy – nobody likes the green headed monster to emerge snarling, but sometimes you just can’t help yourself.