What is Wealthy Free and Single all about?

Its not just about the money you know. In a relationship where both partners have similar bank balances, there is a sense of equality, an ability to enjoy the same pursuits without worrying who will cover the bill, a path to partnership that couldn’t otherwise be trod.


Are you a successful business person? Do you find that relationships inevitably fall apart because of differences in your respective bank accounts? Maybe you were born into wealth and want to be seen for who you are, not what you have.

Dating for Rich Singles

Wealthy Free and Single is specially designed with you in mind. There is no need to worry about gold diggers or insincere feelings. This niche dating site only lets you join if there is proof of your material worth – but we are all about helping you look beyond that, to find the perfect companion who suits your personal worth.


Money can’t buy you happiness; everyone knows that old adage. With the right person to share it with however, everything changes. Picture the couples mini breaks you could take, or the sumptuous Michelin starred meals you could enjoy together.


Personally though, I’d ditch the money altogether and go on a simple date, secure in the knowledge that you don’t have to push the boat out and impress with expensive champagnes and exotic holidays – because, lets face it, your date already has the ability to indulge in those things themselves.


Focus on getting to know each other for the people you are, enjoy each others successes and commiserate when they hit a low point. These are the aspects of a relationship you are looking for. This is what WealthyFreeAndSingle can help you find.