What Matters to You Most as a Mature Dater?

Do you feel life as an older person could be lonely? It doesn't have to be!

As a person with their fair share of years behind them, do you look to the future with joy for the potential it holds, or do you sigh and think ‘Never again will I…’?


Age means you probably have a good idea of what you like and what you don’t. You may be feeling open-minded about embracing what the future holds. You may even have contemplated doing something crazy, just because you can.


Being older means you hold a certain power you lacked in your twenties. You should have a job you enjoy, financial security, a home. When you were twenty, you were more likely than not pushing papers on a minimum wage, living with your parents and looking forward to that magical time when everything was secure and you could just live your life.


Well, guess what? That time is now! You may not still have your 24inch waist, but you have a whole lot more to make up for it. You see, dating for the 40+ can be wonderful. You get to bring all your interesting ideas to the table and to be appreciated by your date as an actual person. The desire to be desired, acknowledged and not ignored will stay with you throughout your life but this time round you can be fully appreciated for your personality and your looks, rather than objectified for your youthful curves or blonde locks.


Some people wonder; What if I’ve forgotten how after years of being with the same person? Well, for amusement’s sake, watch It’s Complicated and have a chuckle and then push the fear back and realise you deserve to find another person to share your life with. Just because you are older doesn’t mean you should be lonely or loveless. Give mature dating a go, and rediscover an entirely new lease of life. (I hear sex in your sixties is pretty spectacular too!)

Life after 50 can be better than you ever thought!