Does A Workplace Romance Work?

Conventional wisdom is that seeing someone at work can be a gargantuan nightmare. Not just a simple mistake – one that you’ll rue shortly afterwards, bringing with it all sorts of logistical and emotional problems.

But is it really that bad? We’ve heard our share of stories about man-and-wife work duos, or couples who enjoyed a blazing fling for several months . So what’s the real deal with work-based relationships? Let’s weigh it up…

Forced enclosure

It’s easy to pinpoint a major issue with workplace romances – you’re with your partner every day, pretty much, without a break. This is truer of smaller work teams, and may be alleviated if your beau is down the hall in another office (with their name on the door… a serious turn on, maybe?).

Yet work culture tries to get everyone involved in each other’s business, so it’s likely that you will encounter your opposite number over 8 or 9 hours a day. And that’s before you leave at 5pm together, cooking and drinking and sleeping in the same space.


At least you really get to know someone before taking the plunge into a relationship. Seeing how they cope with stress, jokes, Friday socials and quips about the coffee machine can sift false impressions from the real thing. If you decide to let the spark grow, it’ll be an informed choice.

Shared interests

You can riff off the same material over dinner. Any work grievances will be shot back and forth with the same wide-eyed ebullience. YES! THEY UNDERSTAND! It’s easier than seeing a therapist about your boss, and twice as fun. Don’t undervalue our need to be on the same page, even if it’s about some poor performer at HR.


Isn’t it good to attack conversation from different angles? It could feel like you’re going over the same ground, again and again, without letup. Plus, actually finding a partner who’s sympathetic to your issues of employment, completely removed from their own, is a one-in-a-million catch.

Releasing the tension

Let’s admit, first of all, that a night-time argument certainly won’t be a great start to your shift the next day. Although it’ll probably be sorted by lunch, no-one likes being in a frosty staff room, feeling the raised hackles of a lover needle them over the PG Tips bag.


You’re right there for each other if something’s upsetting or unfair. Work is a huge part of our lives; if we can steal a hug or a kiss by the water cooler, just when we’re desperate for it, is that worth the chance of a catastrophic fallout?

Being frank, this all depends on the personalities involved, whether you live together, and how co-dependent your work roles are. On one hand, you get to experience an intense petri dish of emotion that can make you realise how feasible a relationship is. On the other, both of you have to have the exact same relaxed attitude; if half of the pairing makes things too intense, it’ll cause awkwardness and the blurring of professional boundaries.

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