4 Amazing (And Believable) Excuses to Leave a Date Early

Leave a Bad Date

Dating most certainly has its ups and downs, and first dates can range from the good, the bad, to the downright ugly. But getting out of a date can be incredibly awkward. After all, you’ve only just had your starter – surely there must be a way to avoid a harrowing main course and dessert? But never fear, FreeAndSingle is here with some amazing – and potentially even believable – excuses that will let you leave your date early if it’s not going well.


1. The Other Plans


Sure, you know as well as they do that you both arranged a restaurant date at 7.30pm with the intention of talking the night away. But if your date is starting to drag, you may want to fabricate some other plans that you ‘forgot’ to tell them about. Say you agreed to meet friends after, or pretend that you have an early start in the morning and need to get some sleep. Mentioned that you have pets? Perfect – well it’s feeding time so you better get going!


2. Feeling Sick


You can’t argue with illness, and if your date is going badly this is a classic get-out card. But it’s not going to be believable if you wolfed down your starter and guzzled a few glasses of wine. Start your date with caution so that if it doesn’t go well, you can pass this one off. Alternatively, you could always fake food poisoning – providing you aren’t sharing a dish…




Going on a blind date? Everyone knows they can be a bit of a gamble, so to make sure you aren’t stuck with someone who bores you to tears for three hours, enlist the help of a friend beforehand. Establish a code word that if you text from the toilets (or under the table if it’s really bad) will prompt them to call you with an absolute emergency that means you have to bail IMMEDIATELY.


4. Be Honest 


Getting out of a bad date can be a bit of a moral dilemma. Is it better to think up a weird and wonderful excuse or simply to tell the truth? If you’re renowned for being a terrible liar, it’s probably best you don’t try. Sometimes owning up and saying that you don’t think you’re on the same page really is the best option. Be economical with the truth (you don’t want to give them a complex) and they may even respect your honesty.


Although it’s understandable to feel guilty about leaving a date early, when it’s not going well you might be doing both of you a favour. Bank these believable excuses for your next first date, but always go in with an open mind even if your friend is on standby with an emergency! They might not seem like your ‘type’ initially, or they might not be quite what you expected, but give them a shot and you could be pleasantly surprised…


Photo Credit: Asim Bharwani

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