Online Dating Studies

Do you have any particular little habits you indulge in before the big first date? Any special rituals to bring you luck or calm your nerves? Whether it’s gulping down a glass of wine before you go to chill you out (not recommended) or googling your date for conversation ideas, everyone has something they like to do.


We talked to a few Free and Single’s about what little rituals they have to do before they go out on a first date with someone new.


‘I always have a couple of girlfriends round the night before to help choose an outfit, fill me in on any news I might have missed during the week for conversation starters and to let them know where I’ll be going – safety is super important to me when online dating.’

Maria, 32


‘I’m always running around the house like a headless chicken searching for my lucky pants! I know its a cliche, but they work!’

Jamie, 27


‘I look in the mirror in my hall just as I’m leaving for the evening, check my lipstick and top it up one last time – I want a rich, red pout when my date sees me for the first time. It’s my signature look and if they don’t like it, we won’t get on.’

Lilliana, 28


‘I GPS the location of the date on my phone if she’s arranged it, so that I’m not the muppet who turns up twenty minutes late apologising because I got lost. I like to be on time, for dates if nothing else!’

Mitch, 37


‘I organise something to do the next day, so I won’t be waiting by the phone or the computer or over-analysing what happened. I love meeting up with friends for dinner, or going to the playpark with my daughter so that I won’t think too much about what happened.’

Lea, 26


‘I stop by the local greengrocers to pick up a flower, so I have something to give her when we meet – it breaks the ice and I’ve never known any women hate flowers!’

George, 30


Do you have special pre-date rituals that you just have to do before a first date? Let us know in the comments!