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I have met someone from the site, we are getting on really well and he has met my family and I am going to meet his next week.

Hi I met Jackie through the web site. I sent her a message first and we got chatting. We’d both only been on there 24 hours, we arranged a meet and we hit it off almost straight away.

I’d have signed up sooner! Jon was online for a month before I was – imagine if someone else had snapped him up before I got there!

We seemed to ‘click’ during chats and after a week we took the plunge and decided to meet up. On our first date we both felt that certain chemistry. So much so, we met again only three days later.

Here’s a success story that’s got all of us here smiling! Vic met Belinda on our over 40s site, MatureFreeAndSingle, and are now engaged to be married. Here’s their story.


“Many thanks for your e-mail and yes, we would like to share our story to show how beneficial to us your site was, so here goes—hope it’s not too long for you.


I had only been a site member for about 2 weeks when i first “winked” at Belinda. (She had been on the site for about a month). She “winked” back at me and after exchanging a few messages, we got in touch by phone. Something sparked between us and for the first week, we were having three hour conversations every night on the phone (thank God for ringback after 59 minutes).


We arranged our first date a week after we had first exchanged messages, a lunch-time date on the 24th July. This was followed by another meet for lunch the next day and i think that we both knew on this second date that there was definately a strong attraction for each other. We continued our meets and visited each others houses and in October we went on our first holiday together, two weeks in Lindos, where we had a fantastic time.


This was followed by a two week Caribbean cruise in December. It was during this cruise, when docked in Martinique, on Belinda’s birthday, that i proposed to her and she made me the happiest man by saying “yes”.The photograph was taken on Belinda’s birthday on board ship.


Since then, we have had a week together in a beautiful log cabin in a forest near York and another two weeks in Lindos in May.


Life together for us is so very special, we have so much in common and haven’t been apart since last August.


Thanks to Mature Free and Single for bringing us together.


Best regards




And all the best of luck to you too! This type of success is exactly what we set FreeAndSingle up for, and it’s great to hear from people who we’ve helped get together.


Paula – FreeAndSingle

Free and Single want to help you with your own dating success story!

How is this for the most perfect success story you have ever heard?

It is the stuff internet dating dreams are made of.

So have a little read of Janet’s story to see how she initiated contact with Martin and how they both fell in love and are now in their happy ever after…

‘I first winked at Martin on 25th June 2011 and we had our first date two weeks later on Friday 8th July. Martin said he didn’t usually reply to winks but when he saw my profile and photo he couldn’t resist (aww!).

From then on, we spent every weekend together and gradually realised we’d hit the jackpot and fell in love. We started talking about getting engaged in August but thought it was too soon and were worried about what other people might think, so we decided to wait until June 2012 which would have been Martin’s Mum’s birthday – sadly she passed away a few years earlier.

By September we were both positive we had something amazing and changed our plans – we bought the ring but waited until Christmas day to get engaged – it was so special and Martin almost cried. We now have the Wedding booked for 21st March 2014 at Cooling Castle Barn in Kent and i just can’t wait!

If someone had told us this time last year that we would find our perfect partner online and be engaged and planning a dream wedding by this time, I think we would have both been a little scepticle – but it has happened and we are both over the moon.

We can’t thank you and your team enough – we now have an amazing life together to look forward to. It’s a dream that absolutely came true!

Online dating really does work!

Jan and Martin

Have you found Love with Free and Single?

Here at FreeAndSingle, we love a good success story. We love them so much, we wanted to take the time to share a few of them with you, in the hopes of boosting your motivation and letting you know that love can happen, wherever, whenever (I know, cheesy song lyric alert).



So when we heard about this romance from MatureFreeAndSingle we just had to share Howard and Wendy’s story:



‘Both Wendy and I had joined the dating site last year to hopefully meet someone to share another relationship with.
Wendy and I both were both divorced last year and felt it was the right time to move on.
We both found each other through the adverts on the site and at first I saw Wendy and thought what a wonderful profile she had and a “cheeky smile and looks to match”.


I made contact and asked if Wendy would like to chat, in which Wendy replied yes. After a few brief exchanges through the chat side of the site, both Wendy and I agreed to swap numbers and started chatting on the phone. We both lived locally and made arrangements to meet for afternoon coffee and lunch.
The first date went really well and we both got on really well with each other, I already had a good feeling about Wendy, which I think people on the site call “chemistry”!
We met again and things were really good, it was near Valentine’s Day and both Wendy and I exchanged cards with some really romantic verses.
We have now been together for 2 months and have had lovely days out, walking on the beach in the snow at Filey to having our very first romantic weekend away.
We are now an item and are looking forward to our future together with holidays planned and more romantic times to come.
I can sum up by saying to anyone out there on the FreeAndSingle site that in my profile it said;



“you have to pull the weeds out the garden first to see the true flower that you like”



That is what I did, Wendy is the sweetest flower I have ever seen. You must wait for the right person and if you wait you will find your flower.
Good luck to everyone out there, you will find your soul mate as long as you are prepared to wait and not go for second best.’




Once upon a time, a young woman who liked jellybeans, sundresses and travelling decided she wanted to get back in the dating game. She was a little apprehensive of just jumping straight back in after a long relationship had turned sour and a friend recommended FreeAndSingle.


Nervously, she created a profile and started browsing through other peoples. Then came the time to reply to the first message. Flattered and pleased by the message (from an attractive man who liked dinosaurs, curry and action movies) she replied and they started talking.


After a week of excitedly checking her Free and Single mailbox, they decided to try a phone conversation. They didn’t stop talking until 1am and they both had work the next day!


This success and the chemistry they felt led them to arrange an actual date. With butterflies in their stomachs, new outfits and friends filling their ears with tips and advice they both set off to Leeds Castle in Kent for a trip around the grounds and high tea in the café.


Over scones, tea and jam they felt a connection, something worth pursuing. More dates were arranged, and three years later they remain happily together.


Have you had success with online dating? Has Free and Single given you a new lease of life in some way? I want to know if you have rediscovered a love of dating, thrown yourself into the arena for the first time or if you are just adding online dating to your repertoire of meeting people?


Here at FreeAndSingle, we are really interested in finding out about those lucky individuals who have found someone special using our website. Not just because it looks good for us either – we really believe that, at the end of the day, it’s better to have someone to connect with on some level. That’s just a basic human instinct, right?


So, if you have a success story you wouldn’t mind sharing…would you let me know? I would love to interview some of you to find out your tips for internet dating, or see a video of your favourite date?


I’m Caroline and you can find me on Twitter and Facebook – I’d love to connect with you and find out more about your dating experiences! I’m always on the look out for dating hints, awesome FreeAndSingle profiles to feature, funny dating videos and recipes that would be perfect to make for dinner a deux, not to mention good ideas for interesting dates!