First Dates

Dating Food

Shakespeare reckoned that “if music be the food of love, play on”, and he had a point. But food itself can be a romantic trigger all by itself, and poetic chemistry can bubble up from enjoying certain cuisines together. There’s a reason why mealtime is the perfect territory for sussing out whether you like someone; our eating habits say a lot about us, and what we’d consider a suitable munch on the first date, like every other decision, hints towards our matchmaking potential.

So don’t be left with a bad taste in your mouth again – here are some inspiring food choices to help you and your date chew the fat that little bit easier . . .

The Pleasure Platter 

Big mountains of snacks, such as nachos piled high with cheese and chilli, are a winner for good conversation. Since you’ll be nibbling instead of noshing, you can flirt over who gets the last jalapeno. Tapas is the next logical step if you fancy splashing a bit more money – be warned, though, that this might leave you both hungry for something more than attention as you try to resist getting a hamburger afterwards.

Fishing for Complements

The basics of carnivorous eating – pork, beef, a thousand chicken concoctions – are just that – obvious and fairly limited in terms of taste. You know what you’re getting with a good steak, but if this is all you go for when schmoozing someone, it might reinforce the sense of routine that shouldn’t be anywhere near your dating life.

Fish is a generally underappreciated romantic meal, yet there are so many diverse flavours awaiting the brazen pescatarian that it should be a crime to ignore them. A seafood medley is never boring; the mouthfuls you’ll offer to your other half will be charged with a feeling of ‘what can it be?!’, whilst providing humour when you reach the inevitable bone.

That Je Nais Se Quoi

Onto aphrodisiacs: yes, we had to mention them. Why wouldn’t we? They’re nature’s way of giving you a pat on the back for good luck. Everyone knows about the lustful powers of strawberries, chocolate, and oysters with champagne, but there are actually a ton of tastes somewhat proven to get you hot under the collar for the perfect love-in.

Chili peppers are a surprising example, although you’d think blinking through spicy tears would be more of a distraction than anything. Desserts and coffee-based drinks containing cinnamon or ginger are another gift for the synapses, speeding up your blood flow.

Are you sitting uncomfortably? Good. We want you to rush out and try these food ideas on the next date you come across. There’s definite merit to be found in sharing creative and intimate culinary ideas. Trust us – they’ll be eating up your every word if your appetite for life is similarly fresh and exciting!

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