Dating Red Flags

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You’d think that finding a partner would be a walk in the park when you’ve got a good income. But sometimes, it can get in the way of your dating game. When you meet someone new, you want to be sure that they like you as a person – not because of your car, job or lifestyle.


So how do you spot a gold digger before it’s too late? Here are a few tell tale signs that your date is all about the money.


The Magpie


Dressing up in designer clothes or picking them up in your new car may be a strategy for success on a first date, but beware of flashing the cash too much in those early stages of a relationship. After all, you might attract a partner for the wrong reasons.


A magpie will have expensive taste and high expectations. So unless you can afford to shower them with luxury gifts every birthday, Christmas and anniversary, proceed with caution.


The Freerider


The jury is still out as to whether or not men should pay for the first date. However, it’s generally accepted that both parties should at least offer to go halves, even if the other insists that they’ve got the bill covered. If your date doesn’t bat an eyelid when you pull out your card to pay for the meal, there’s a chance that you’re dating a freerider.


The Scrounger


We all have cash flow problems from time to time, and it’s easy enough to leave your wallet or purse at home. So if your new fling asks to borrow some change, or for you to cover their half of the bill, you shouldn’t panic just yet.


However, if weeks later no mention of the ‘loan’ has been made, or they ask to borrow money again, think twice before saying yes. Setting the precedent for being a free source of income is a dangerous game in any relationship.


The Fair Weather Friend


Your partner jumps at the opportunity to dine at that new restaurant in town, but isn’t so keen to come over for a takeaway and film. Perhaps you’re running short of money before the month end, and they sulk when you ask if they can cover the bill this time. If your date is only around for the good times, you should reconsider their motives.


Whether you’ve joined the dating game to find love or you’re simply looking to have fun, you want to be sure that you’re dating genuine people who like you for who you are. So if you’re worried about being taken for a ride, keep an eye out for these tell tale signs that your date is hanging out with you for the wrong reasons.


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