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As much as they may protest, it’s absolutely vital that your friends are kept separate from your dating life when you first meet that perfect someone. You and your partner are under each other’s microscopes as it is; bringing more tough questions into the equation is way too much pressure for a romance that’s finding its feet.

However, if sparks are flying faster than you can manage, the time may have come to throw your date into the lion’s den, so to speak. To make this encounter run smoothly, let’s explore how to launch someone into your friendship group without mentally crippling them for life:

Go somewhere new

It’s hard enough rocking up to a pub round the corner as the +1 of someone you know. Their best buds are probably there early, trading jokes with the regulars, sitting in the same spot they always do. When a certain venue becomes a hub for a select group of people, it can take on an air of menace, as if you’re an intruder trying to nip past a barbed wire fence.

To compensate for your date’s nerves, let him or her pick a meeting spot that your mates are none the wiser about. The scales will be tipped slightly in their favour – watch their delight when they proclaim the genius of a two-for-one meal deal, one that only they have indulged thus far.

See a movie

Normally we advise against trips to the cinema: who wants to sit in silence with their beau for two hours, when you could be exploring so much else? But the flicks do have an advantage for the all-important friend intro, namely the benefit of chilling out to a good story, clothed in an atmosphere of communal appreciation.

Bookend a film with something more social – a detour to a bowling alley, a meal or casual shopping – and your date can use the darkness and comfort of those plush cinema seats to take stock of their situation. If nothing else, a movie can provide great talking points, and you’ll all have an opinion to share.

Hit the tiles

Bars and clubs, by their very nature, bring people together. Amidst the bright lights and thumping music, your date doesn’t have to do much to fit in. After a few drinks, your mates are bound to let their guard down. If your partner can survive the night, they’re a keeper. And when you all reconvene over a greasy breakfast the next day, you’ll have recollections to trade, along with warm feelings that only come from tight-knit revelry.

People need to balance their friendships and lovers, and it takes some practice. You’ll want to avoid accusations that you’re giving one or the other too much time. By taking steps to integrate the two early on, both parts of your life will fit seamlessly together. Of course, you need to find a date first, so join FreeAndSingle today and get chatting to local singletons.