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There’s a new free dating app in town, called LinkedUp.  It’s clearly piggy-backing off the good name of LinkedIn.


LinkedUp's interface is like Tinder's

LinkedUp’s interface is like Tinder’s

Here’s the scoop at the Daily Mail (yes, we know, we know)


Have any of you used it? And even if not, do you think it’s a good idea to mix business and “pleasure”? We’d love to find out your thoughts…



Here at Free and Single our mission is to help you find someone you share chemistry with to kiss when that clock strikes 12 tonight.


We hope we managed it this year – but fear not! 2014 is looking good!


Here are some dating tips to start putting into practice in 2014;

  • Smile at everyone you meet – those first few seconds determine how new people feel about you!
  • Ditch the weather as a fall-back talk topic and practice a few natty phrases that will help get the conversation rolling in those awkward silence moments.
  • Get a new year overhaul and spend some time making yourself feel fabulous, whether that involves a new hair cut, a new outfit you can rely on for spontaneous dates or some time at the gym so last minute body image issues don’t rear up to spoil your day.
  • Re-write your dating profile! If you’ve been dating through Free and Single for a little bit, don’t let your introduction get stale – keep it updated and keep your profile picture current.
In the meantime though, what are you doing inside reading this? Get out there, into the world and celebrate the turning of another year. Meet some people, smile at everyone and be open to the possibilities a new year brings.

Happy New Year!



Well, it’s a tad early but I’d like to take this opportunity to wish you

A very Merry Christmas from Free and Single!

What are you up to on this fine Christmas Eve?


If you’re already fed up of wrestling the turkey into the shower to defrost it, why not take a time out and work on your online dating profile?


I find big events like Christmas and New Year really focus what it is we feel we want from our prospective partners.


For example, try thinking of questions you would desperately want to know the answer to on a first date and then honestly answer those questions yourself as part of your profile.


I’m thinking more of expanding on the classic ‘In my spare time I like to hang out with friends’ (I mean, who doesn’t?), to a bit more in depth, ‘In my spare time, I love visiting up-and-coming new restaurants with my friends and reviewing them for my foodie blog.’


Finding the family a bit on the annoying side this year?

Has Auntie Lucy asked one too many times when the sound of church bells are going to be a-ringing? Geesh, been there, done that, donated the t-shirt to charity.


Instead of the usual rolling eyes, or sullen silence, or even complaints that you would if you could, try telling her about one of your more recent dates. Even if it was no good – in fact, the worse the better!


Turn your dating experiences into anecdotes and you’ll distract attention away from your single status and feel better into the bargain.


Everyone loves to share and with any bad date karma released from your shoulders, come the New Year you’ll be ready to dive back into that dating pond.


I hope you have a fantastic holiday tomorrow, whatever you end up doing!


Today is the day of love and romance and we’re celebrating record amounts of happy online daters here at Free and Single!


 Here are a few last minute tips for celebrating Valentine’s Day. Enjoy!


1) Try making this sweet origami heart to give to your date to show you care (and you’re good with your hands!)


2) Get seriously cheesy by visiting a specialist cheese restaurant and sharing a fondue for two!


3) Ladies, embrace the day and all it stands for by painting your nails to match your sentiments.


4) Guys, wear your heart on your sleeve for one day a year by investing in some special cufflinks.


5) Lastly, read this before heading out tonight to avoid searching for conversation starters.


When looking for that special someone to share the sunset with, you want to know that you have a network of support to fall back on. We’re here for you. If you want to talk about dating, love or relationships, the Free and Single team are ready and waiting to answer your questions! Just tweet us @freeandsingle or leave a comment. You can also check out our Facebook Page.


Here we go;


Its that time of the year again. No sooner are we done with the holidays than the pinkest, soppiest, biggest card selling celebration of the year swings round again.


Do I sound like I dislike Valentine’s Day? A day that essentially, in name alone if no longer in action, celebrates the martyrdom of a saint and the romantic rambling of Chaucer?


Well, I have to be honest with you – I’m not  a fan. But you had guessed that already. What I am a fan of, is showing people you care.


The system of rules and requirements currently in place in many people’s mind on how to react to a date or a loved one (‘Wait three days before you text him back!’, ‘Never be free on short notice!’) seem to me to be specifically designed with one purpose in mind: to never allow two people the time or energy to actually fall for each other hook, line and sinker.


I say, this Valentine’s Day, drop the rulebook! Kick it out of the window for all I care and start saying what you mean, when you mean it.


If you have been making eyes at the girl who catches your bus every morning for months, but never even sat next to her – start sitting with her, chatting, smiling if nothing else.


If you’re with someone you don’t see yourself staying with long term, dump them. Sounds harsh, but you both need to move on with your lives. (No excuse to not do it nicely though, and face-to-face).


If you are hoping against hope that you will meet someone before Valentine’s Day and go on a romantic date – then make it happen! Don’t wait around for fate to pick someone off the street and deliver them wrapped in a bow to your doorstop – join Free and Single and start taking control of your life again.


You can make it happen – sign up now and see who you meet. Have a great Valentine’s Day everyone! 🙂

secret santa gifts for couples, daters and crushes

Here are Six Great Secret Santa gifts to give to a crush, a date or as a stocking filler for your partner;

1. Try a Pedometer for Fit Free and Single‘s as they love new gadgets and gizmos to help out their sporting hobbies.

2. A Hot Rocks Gift Set for Professional Free and Single‘s should help them unwind after a busy day.

3. What about a Micro Remote Control Helicoptor for anyone who still feels like a kid at Christmas?

4. How about Chickens for Young Free and Single‘s who want to change the world?

5. We like Love Lottery Scratch Cards for couples in a relationship…

6. Try this Black Hipflask and a bottle of their favourite tipple for Mature Free and Single‘s.

Dating couple kissing in the snow at Christmas

And Three Secret Santa gifts you should avoid giving to your date;


1. Loo Roll

Who wants to associate their date with the toilet?


2. Pocket Sex Guide

Something that should only ever be bought by a couple, for fun.


3. Chocolate Reindeer

Doesn’t show much thought went into the gift, now, does it?


You wouldn’t let someone else choose your house, your car or your clothes…why would you let other people dictate to you when and where you can choose your dates? Sure, the odd blind date here and there is opening up your pool of potential dates, but there is no need to completely depend on other people to set you up.


You Can Do It All Yourself

  • You are perfectly capable of making things happen. If you are stuck in a rut, or bored of your routine, it can be so much simpler than you think to break free and make something new and exciting happen.
  • Know that, even if you feel a little apprehensive about the idea right now, self-esteem and confidence are issues you can work on bit by bit, until you are 100% ready to face the dating world again.
  • Leave memos around the house, on your phone or computer or on your desk to remind yourself of everything you want to achieve and everything you are good at – you’ll soon be well on the way to feeling good about yourself and ready to embrace the idea of dating.

Don't wait for Fate to make you a date! Join Free and Single to find Love!

You wouldn’t sit back and wait for fate to deliver the ideal partner tied up in bows on a silver plate…would you? You have to be active, you have to know what you want and then put yourself in the most likely position to get it.


Put Yourself Out There!

  • Try joining a new club in a subject you are interested in – the likelihood is that you will meet people there who share your interest. If you feel a spark, go for it and ask them out! If not, no worries, you’ve probably gained some new friends.
  • Push your boundaries every day. Start small, by trying out a different coffee shop or sandwich place from usual. Move on to bigger things; like going to a movie alone, trying out a new hairstyle or lipstick, agreeing to a blind date.
  • Make a pact with yourself to go out from your home at least three times a week. You can pop to the library to check your emails, hang out in a local cafe to read, or just go for a walk and give yourself some quiet time to just think about things.


Don’t wait for the world to give you a chance at love – you have to get out there, join Free and Single and make it happen for yourself!


Click through now and start your journey, make love happen for yourself by joining Free and Single today.

Join Free and Single today to start looking for love!

A little bit of history to start with…


Did you know, a mere 84 years ago women were granted the right to vote in England? This strong push forward into gender equality continued a movement for equality between the sexes.

It allowed women more freedom to decide how they would spend their lives. It allowed them, in fact, the opportunity to marry for love instead of as a business contract between families.


Freedom to choose!


Women can now use this freedom to browse online dating profiles and get to know people they may never have otherwise met. Free and Single is an internet dating site that provides thousands upon thousands of interesting people who want to get to know each other with an outlet to explore, chat, ‘wink’ and ultimately, get dating.


We love to hear about your dates


We love to hear about your dates! From the hilarious, to the romantic, knowing how you get on after you have visited our dating website means the world to us. With your feedback (post it up in the comments!), we’re driving Free and Single to be the best it has ever been – finding you more great dates and interesting people than you could shake a stick at!


Finding ‘The One’ or starting a relationship


Some of our lucky daters even find ‘The One’ while browsing through Free and Single’s profiles. Check out some of our favourite success stories to inspire and ready you for getting your own dating profile sorted.


What are you waiting for? Get onto Free and Single and have the time of your life!