4 Foolproof Ways to Secure a Second Date

How to Get a Second Date

Internet dating makes finding a date a much easier task than it would have been a decade ago. By choosing your matches by their profile picture, bio and qualities that make them a suitable match from the start, you are much more likely to be lucky in love. Setting up a first date is relatively easy, as a fun and informal way to get to know someone that you meet online. But the real trick to successful dating is securing the second rendezvous, and FreeAndSingle has a few dating tips our sleeves to share with you:


1. Show Genuine Interest


There’s nothing worse than going on a first date and listening to someone talk about themselves for the entire duration. Sure, your date want to know about you, but leave the initiative with them to find out more, and focus on asking a few questions instead. Feeling that someone is genuinely interested in you can be very flattering, and a simple way to secure a second date by putting you in their good books!


2. Don’t Be Too Keen


You might be sure that you’ve me Mr or Miss Right, but don’t jump to conclusions that they instantly feel as strongly as you do. A first date is a great opportunity to suss out a prospective partner and see how you get on, but many men and women will be sitting on the fence after the first date. If you seem too forward or keen, it might push them onto the wrong side, so play it cool when suggesting a second date to avoid scaring them off.


3. Make Plans During the First Date


Even if your date has good intentions, reality can soon take priority over dating and love life when work and other responsibilities call. Suggesting a second date on the first one will not only let you know where you stand – most people would avoid the question or tell you politely that they aren’t interested – but also put a mental note in their diary to make time to get to know you more.


4. Brainstorm Good Ideas


You love going to the cinema too? Great, we should go sometime, next week even!


If you’ve decided that you’d really like to see this person again, utilise conversation points to suggest a few fun ideas of things you could do together another time. This will not only show them how much you have in common (and how much fun they could have with you if you give them a chance!), but also offers a refreshing change to a meal at a restaurant, that makes the prospect of a second date more exciting.


When you’ve met someone who tickles your funny bone, makes you smile and gives your heart a flutter, don’t let a second date slip through your fingers after finding someone perfect through free online dating. Follow these 4 top tips on how to get a second date and have them begging to see you again, or at least willing to give it a shot!


Photo Credit: Katie Tegtmeyer

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