4 Reasons Why Valentine’s Day Was Better for Singletons

Valentine's Day Single

Valentine’s Day is over for another year. The heart-shaped chocolates and red roses have disappeared from the shelves and your Facebook news feed has been flooded with photos of engagement rings for days.


Did you spend Valentine’s Day on your own this year? If you did, you might have been feeling more than a little jealous of all those loved up couples around you. But try not to wallow in self-pity. Sometimes it can actually be better to spend February the 14th solo. Here’s why we think singletons definitely had a better time than people in relationships this Valentine’s Day.


You didn’t have to live up to anyone’s expectations


You may have noticed that your loved-up friends were a little more tense than usual these past few weeks. That’s because there’s so much pressure on couples to make Valentine’s Day the perfect day. People in relationships often feel that they need to find the ideal gift and plan an evening full of romance to show their other half how much they love them. Being single, on the other hand, can be a blessing. You got to spend the day doing whatever you wanted, whether that was getting dressed up and hitting the dance floor or staying home in your sweatpants eating pizza.


You got to spend it with the girls or guys


Sometimes, there’s no better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day than with your single friends. It’s the perfect opportunity to show each other some love, or just to get together and have a rant about your relationship status over a few glasses of rosé. If you spent this weekend with your best mates, you probably had a better time than all of those couples crammed into a busy restaurant eating overpriced steak.


You didn’t waste your money


Let’s face it, February the 14th is often all about the gifts; cuddly teddy bears, boxes of posh chocolates, sexy lingerie. And then on top of that, there’s dinner at a fancy restaurant to pay for. The costs can soon add up. When you spend Valentine’s Day on your own, you don’t have to shell out on expensive, overpriced gifts. Why not take the money you saved and treat yourself to something special instead?


You may have discovered a secret admirer


Is there anything more fun than receiving flowers or a card from a secret admirer and then trying to figure out who sent it? We don’t think so. And the people most likely to receive a surprise gift from a mystery man or woman? Singletons! When you’re without a plus-one, Valentine’s Day is full of excitement and wondering if Cupid will pay you a visit or not.


Whilst spending February the 14th alone can sometimes be hard, remember that love isn’t just about one day. If you’re ready to find the perfect partner to shower you with affection all year round, sign up to online dating for free and find like-minded single people near you.


Photo Credit: Kevin Dinkel

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