4 Surprising Things Girls Find Attractive

What women want

It’s easy to misconstrue the image of the perfect man shown in the media. But not all women are seeking their very own Magic Mike; most of us are on the lookout for a down-to-earth, fun-loving guy who will be just as comfortable cuddled up on the sofa as globe-trotting the world together.

So leave your preconceptions aside for a minute, as we give you an insight into some of the surprising things girls find attractive in a man:

You’re Sensitive 

So you love rose wine and shed a tear at chick flicks? Believe it or not, many girls find a sensitive side attractive in a guy, so don’t fight against your feminine side all the time – it might just win you some brownie points if your date feels you can relate to her. Just maybe keep your secret obsession with singing musicals in the shower until the third or fourth date…

You Have An Inner Cave Man

Showing your refined, feminine side every now and again can be charming, but most girls love those primal instincts that make a man so irresistible. A hairy chest, a huge appetite and the occasional burst of wind may be enough to make many metropolitan men blush, but giving a glimpse of your inner caveman can be a big turn on for a lot of women!

You Remember Things

Girls are always complaining that our partners don’t listen, so impress your new love interest by showing that you’ve been all ears on the dates that you’ve spent together.

Dropping her a text before that important meeting or interview, getting excited for her birthday in the weeks leading up, and asking how dinner was with her friends when you catch up on the phone, will all show that you’re an avid listener.

You Plan For The Future

It’s the classic story: girl talks about her dream wedding, and guy goes running for the hills. Talking about the future doesn’t tie you down with a ball and chain; it just shows that you’re both living in the here and now. This shouldn’t mean you need to book holidays for next summer just yet, but opening up about how you envisage your future will only bring you closer.

This isn’t an exhaustive list of things women find attractive in a man, but hopefully it will show you how those little nuances that make you one of a kind won’t go unnoticed by your date. So instead of trying to be the perfect gentleman, an amateur body builder or the next Don Draper, embrace what makes you unique and watch the single ladies come running.

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