4 Surprising Things Guys Find Attractive

Things Guys Find Attractive

Sleek, bouncing hair… lips that could kill… a laugh that tinkles like china… all of these things might be what the average guy looks for in a woman, buoyed by unrealistic magazine posters and shampoo adverts. In truth, the male brain is far more malleable than its given credit for. Yes, we’re suckers for a great figure, but there are plenty of other qualities that bleep loudly on our romance radar. Read on for a dissection of what odd things men can find attractive about the opposite sex:

You’re Assertive

The cliché of times past – a woman clutching her bloke like protective fibreglass, hanging onto his every word – is thoroughly dead today. The status of man-as-protector seems silly and outdated; girls who remind us of this are likely to be modern, passionate, educated people – all of which would be high on most guys’ priority list. Be feisty, make decisions, and challenge your date when you have to.

You Wear Our Clothes

It’s an odd thing that women can pull our shirts on in the morning and look unbearably sexy, whereas us trying to fit their bra on our shoulders somehow wouldn’t have the same effect. Still, we applaud your ability to make any item of clothing appear natural. Wearing your date’s jumper or t-shirt not only lets us see what we’d look like in female form; it also infuses our stuff with your smell and essence, and we just can’t get enough of it.

You’re Funny

We’re looking for someone who can make us laugh too, you know. A girl who can poke fun at herself and her friends, without being gossipy about it, is guaranteed to hook us in. People say that all female comedians talk about is their weight, their family, and being a woman, so why not wash away this stereotype by waxing lyrical on the world at large? Politics, art, music, the way you stub your toe en route to the bathroom… any subject is worth laughing about.

You Act Like a Guy

Being elegant and pretty is undeniably intoxicating. However, just like you might hate us punching our mates’ arms every few minutes and being ‘blokey’, it’s irritating to have a date who’s always checking her hair, arranging herself and smiling politely. Drop the act every now and then: burp, laze around, hit things and hog the TV. We’ll thank you for it when the initial dating magic wears off and pretence has no room to hide.

The perfect woman does not exist, so stop trying to become one. Human beings are too complex for there to be a definitive list of what does and doesn’t make for romantic chemistry, but we hope these ideas inspire you to be brash, and be yourself, in front of any man that wants you.

We’ll be posting another article from the other side of the fence very soon, but in the meantime, log on to FreeAndSingle for a dip in the online dating waters.

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