5 Key Ingredients Of A Successful Relationship

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There’s someone out there for everyone, they say. But what makes that someone stick around? While there’s no exact formula for the perfect relationship, certain consistencies do tend to court the long term more than others, and (it’s no surprise) they’re all based around making your partner happy.

If you detect the following patterns of behaviour, you’ve struck gold. A bright future awaits all those who can build on them, and you’ll probably do it without much effort, with the thrill of unearthing something precious.

1. Poking Fun At Life

A shared life means not sweating the small stuff, since you’ll drive each other mad if badly-tied bin bags and the like start to trouble you. Everyone gets irritated now and then, but you shouldn’t be reflexive or angry at things that don’t matter. If you’re stuck in a queue that’s going nowhere, for instance, there are always other people to poke fun at. Joking in tandem is a great antidote to stress and tension.

2. Trusting Implicitly

It’s a sad fact that so many couples fail out of misplaced jealousy or paranoia, especially if the person with those feelings is driven by love. Being too overbearing can infect relationships and poison your lover’s goodwill which, at the very least, will lead to conflict when there doesn’t have to be any. Having a separate identity from ‘girlfriend’ or ‘boyfriend’ is important to keep a partnership exciting.

 3. Spontaneous Schemes

Variety is the spice of life; a relationship is meant to be about exploring new things, and you’ll desensitise yourselves if you stick to a basic routine. Randomness, adventure, and a confused nod of the head are all you need for romance to keep beating away for years to come.

4. Scratching The Travel Bug

Our appetite for travel should not be curtailed, even if you’re a seasoned nomad who now has a mortgage to manage. There’s always a new destination, a fresh set of surprises to be encountered with the one you love. It can be a few hours on the coach to another city – anything to keep the momentum of your bond in working order.

5. Slapping Yourself Awake

My God, you’ll think… that person is beautiful, like new, reborn when they wear your favourite hoodie. Physical attraction only deepens when you’ve hit the sweet spot, spreading into the little gestures they make, the tired smile they have when they’re late home. If you look at your partner like you’re dreaming, count yourself as having the rarest gift of all: a devotional spirit, one that’ll cast fresh eyes on the possibilities ahead.

Take these traits, stir, and add sprinkles of creativity for the healthiest start to a successful relationship. The rest is up to every couple that rushes headlong into the mix, and the final shape of it will be their choosing. When you recognise these characteristics in a date, don’t let the opportunity go to waste! Start free online dating today, to meet like-minded daters who’ll want to reach the same heights as you.

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