5 Reasons to Embrace Being Single at Christmas

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Feeling glum about being single in the run-up to Christmas? Don’t be. Those sofa snuggles and mistletoe kisses are a little overrated, especially when you look at the positive sides of being free and single. To help you get in the festive spirit, we’ve compiled a few reasons why you should be celebrating – not commiserating – your singleton status this Christmas.


1. No compromises


Everyone has their own way of celebrating Christmas day. So when you’re in a relationship, it’s inevitable that you have to compromise to find a happy medium. Perhaps you alternate spending Christmas with their parents and your own, or go along with those weird and wonderful traditions that they can’t live without. Not this year – you can do Christmas the way you do it best.


2. Let it all out


When you’ve got a partner to impress, you often feel that you’ve got to make an effort to look nice over Christmas. In reality, all we want to do is slip into a onesie, grab a tub of Ben and Jerry’s, and become a couch potato for the next week or two. So singletons, enjoy slobbing out this festive season, because you can.


3. An argument-free Christmas

There’s a reason why January is one of the most popular months for break-ups. Confined within four walls for days on end, even the smallest niggles can descend into huge arguments over Christmas. Would you rather spend Christmas day indulging on mulled wine and turkey, or squabbling over the TV remote? We thought so.


4. More money for… me!


When you’re not fighting over who burnt the dinner, you’re going overboard showering one another with gifts. Whilst it’s great to be on the receiving end of presents, your bank balance can take a huge hit when you’ve got a partner to buy for. This year, you can enjoy having more money to treat yourself instead.


5. More time for friends and family


Christmas is a great time to catch up with family and friends. So without lazy days and date nights filling up your calendar, you can embrace the opportunity to reconnect with those people we don’t see enough of during the year. It’s amazing how much more time you have to make plans when you haven’t got a partner to please!


Blast away those Christmas blues and enjoy your free time to the full this festive season, because you never know what 2016 will have in store. Surrounded by your family and friends over the next few weeks, you’ll be glad that you’ve got an opportunity to experience Christmas on your own terms. And if you get bored, you can always try out free online dating to fill those hours on the sofa!

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  1. Hosting Italia August 25, 2016 @ 4:30 am

    While we aren t advocating that you spend every waking minute of your life at the office, being single does give you the opportunity to focus on your career. Without commitments or distractions, you can put all of your energy toward getting that promotion you ve been lusting after or taking classes so that you can switch jobs. It might not seem like much of a consolation at the time, but all of those late nights will pay off in the long run.

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