5 Things That Shouldn’t Matter in Dating But Do

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In our quest to find the perfect match, there are a few things that everyone looks for: chemistry, trustworthiness, a sense of humour and good looks. Meeting someone who ticks all these boxes can be tricky enough, but sometimes other things get in the way of true love. They shouldn’t matter – really, they shouldn’t – but for many singles they are a big turn off. We’ve compiled a list of 5 things that shouldn’t matter in dating, but do:


How Much Money You Earn

What could be better than being whisked off your feet by a wealthy man who charms you with flowers and takes you out for romantic dinners? Whilst dating someone rich may sound like a dream come true, in reality it can be anything but.


Picture this: you sweat when you see the bill you insisted on sharing at the three-star Michelin restaurant he was determined to dine at. He’s been reminiscing about his holidays to the Alps, family connections and the rules of polo, and it suddenly dawns on you that maybe you’re not such a great match.Embarrassment and disconnection will be the hallmarks of this pairing.




Many singles look for someone close to their age, for more reasons than loving the same Saturday morning cartoons as kids. The one you’re dating should engage you emotionally and intellectually, not just physically. Someone who is much younger or older than you may be at a different stage in life, making it difficult to connect long-term. Not to mention the awkward ‘how are they related’ questions it can lead to when out and about!


Polar Opposite Passions


A dream weekend for your date would be spent scaling Mount Everest, wrestling wild grizzly bears and camping in the Outback. A perfect weekend for you involves snuggling in your duvet devouring Ben and Jerry’s and binging on Netflix. He wants to go out for sushi, snails and ‘shark steaks’, while you’d happily stay safe and stick to your favourite – pizza. If one of you is adventurous and the other is a homebird, you’ll be pulling each other in two completely different directions.




Religion can be a real sticking point in a relationship, especially if one of you has strong views on the subject. Our religious beliefs can be a reflection of our values and upbringing, so a pairing of the God-fearing and God-jeering may not be blessed with good fortune.

Introvert vs Extrovert


Opposites definitely attract; an introvert and extrovert can brilliantly balance out one another’s weaknesses and strengths. However, long-term it can cause friction. If your partner is super extroverted and craves company, whereas after a couple of hours of partying you feel like snuggling away, having to compromise will soon take its toll on your relationship.


From age and lifestyle to the little things that make up your personality, there are many reasons why someone who seems a perfect match on paper won’t live up to expectations. Meeting Mr or Mrs Right is no easy task, but that’s all part of the fun! Start free dating today at FreeAndSingle and you’re certain to find someone that gives you butterflies.


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