5 Things You Should Never Say on a First Date

Never Say on a First Date

First impressions count, and when you meet up with someone for a first date, it’s essential that you don’t blow your chances by blurting out an inappropriate, offensive or frankly embarrassing comment. You might be a natural with words when talking to your friends and family, but when nerves strike it’s easy to come out with the one and only thing you can think of just to fill silences. But whatever you do, never EVER say any of these things on a date, or trust us, you’ll regret it!


1. ‘You’re not how I expected you to look’


No, no…. just no! Especially if you meet someone through an online dating site, of course they might not look exactly like the one photo you saw of them. However don’t point this out. Because obviously the response of anyone who gets asked this question is going to be, ‘really, how so?’. And do you want to be digging yourself out a hole explaining why? We didn’t think so.



2. ‘ You seem really nervous’


Everyone gets nervous, but pointing it out certainly isn’t going to make the situation any better. In fact, they might be offended that you felt the need to bring it to light. If they seem nervous, think of ways to help them relax such as telling a joke, or talking about how nervous you were yourself. Besides, you should take it as a complement that you have that effect on them!



3. ‘I’m afraid of getting hurt’


Aren’t we all? Whilst you might be really insecure about relationships, try not to let this show when you’re getting to know someone new. People run a mile if they think a potential partner comes with heaps of emotional baggage.



4. ‘How come you’re still single?’


Don’t ask them about why they haven’t managed to already bag their dream boyfriend or girlfriend. You’ll only make them depressed that their lack of a partner has led them to a date with you. In fact, as a rule, avoid all conversation about previous relationships on a first date. Besides, you want to focus to be on you two, not the ex right?


5. ‘Want to come in for a coffee?’


You might have got on like a house on fire and sexual tension might be high, but resist the urge to suggest hooking up on the first date. Even if you’ve talked loads online before arranging to meet, avoid rushing into intimacy, as you’ll risk ruining the relationship before it’s even begun.



First dates can be extremely nerve-wracking, but don’t let that melt your mind when trying to impress your date. Think before you speak like your mother always told you. After all, a short pause in the conversation whilst you both think of an interesting topic is much better than saying something awkward that will kill the atmosphere altogether!

Photo Credit: Petras Gagilas

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