5 Unmistakeable Signs That You’ve Got Chemistry

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Your date may tick all the boxes. They might be just your type. But unless you feel that instant ‘click’, it’s unlikely to go anywhere. Similarly, sometimes the people we least expect to fall for can get right under our skin without us even realising. Why? It’s all down to a magical little thing called chemistry.


Chemistry in this sense of the word may not be an exact science, but when something sparks between you and your date, you’ll know. Here are a few tell-tale signs to look for when searching for chemistry in the dating world!


You finish each other’s sentences


Great minds think alike. You’ve barely known each other longer than a few hours, and yet you seem to be completely in sync. Feeling like you’re on the same wavelength is important in a relationship; it makes communicating easier, and understanding one another simple. So if you’re already finishing each other’s sentences, it’s a sign that you could be a good match.


You’ve got butterflies


First date nerves are normal, but if your tummy is still a-flutter halfway through the date despite things going well, it’s a telling sign that he or she is different. But don’t let your desire to impress get in the way of having a good time – if you’ve got chemistry, they probably feel exactly the same!


You’re teasing each other


If your date is making fun of the dimples in your cheeks, your menu choices, or your curious table habits, don’t panic. Joking around shows that you feel comfortable together; teasing is affectionate behaviour and a sure sign that he or she feels the same spark that you do. So don’t just sit there and take it – let down your guard and show your playful side too.


You’re getting physical


Chemistry brings us closer together. That accidental brush of the hand on the dinner table; that touch of the arm in a bar; these are all signs of sexual tension that can build up when you’re dating someone who makes you tick! If you’re finding excuses to get closer, you’re destined to be more than just friends.


You can’t stop smiling


Trying (unsuccessfully) to bring that beaming smile under control? Don’t! Although you may feel a little silly with a big grin plastered across your face, your date will be delighted that they are making you smile. We’re all looking for that special someone who makes us happy, so if he or she succeeds on those first few dates, follow your heart and see where it may take you!

Love works in mysterious ways, and it’s hard to define exactly what ‘chemistry’ is. But look out for these unmistakeable signs that you and your date click, and give him or her a chance if you think you have good chemistry. Still searching for someone who truly gets you? Start your dating journey today by signing up for free dating online.

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