5 Ways to Improve Your Online Dating Profile

Improve Your Online Dating Profile

Whether you’re new to online dating or you’re looking to increase your chances of success and attract the right people, getting your profile right is essential if you want to meet someone special. Although you might be eager to focus on finding a match, it will all be for nothing if you don’t grab their attention in return. So if you feel that your profile could do with a little brushing up, here are 5 easy ways to improve your online dating profile and get lots more responses.



1. An Eye-Catching Photo


We hope it goes without saying that you should have a photo to go with your profile. However having no photo at all can actually be better than having some tired, out-dated or off-putting photo that you maybe took on your webcam in a rush to get started with free dating online. Spend some time searching for a photo that best represents you, striking a balance between catching their attention without it being inappropriate or intimidating.



2. Keep it Concise


Although the about me section is intended to introduce yourself and give people an insight into who you are and what you’re about, this isn’t the time to tell your life story. You want to intrigue the reader and encourage them to find out more, not send them to sleep (interesting as your life may be!). So try to keep it concise, no more than a few sentences. Besides, it gives you something to talk about if you have a first date!



3. Don’t Be So Picky


Mr and Mrs Right can come in many different forms, so whilst you might have a clear idea of your perfect ‘type’, don’t be quite so specific in your profile. Sure, you might like a tall, dark, handsome man with a six pack who loves romantic walks on the beach, but realistically how many responses will you get by stating this?



4. Be Different


On the subject of romantic walks on the beach, how many people list clichés like this in their profile? If you want to stand out from the hundreds and thousands of other online singles, this isn’t going to do many wonders. Why not tell them about a quirky hobby that you have, a fun fact about you, or something else that will make them laugh or want to find out more?



5. Ask Them a Question


Don’t make your profile all about me, me, me. If you really want to engage someone who is looking at your profile, why not ask if they could be the gin to your tonic, or if they love [insert hobby here] as much as you do? Not only will this attract people who are on the same page, but it will also show that you’re not totally focused on yourself.



Spending some time and energy on getting your profile right can significantly increase the number of responses that you get from other online daters. By following up on a few (or all!) of these tips, let us know if you notice a difference in your luck FreeAndSingle members!
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