Best and Worst Spots for a First Date

First Date

First dates can be the start of something special, or they can verge on a disaster. One of the secrets to a successful first date is finding the right setting for this encounter. Pick somewhere with the right ambience that both of you will love, and you’ll set the mood for an intimate night (or day!) of getting to know one another.


So where should you choose for a first date, and which venues should you avoid at all costs? We take a look at the best and worst spots to bring your squeeze:


HOT – Restaurant


Cliché they may be, but restaurants are a tried-and-tested choice for a first date. The intimate atmosphere, the well-paced arrival of each course and the conversation starters of food and drink make a recipe for success when you’re getting to know someone for the first time.


NOT – The Cinema


Smooching on the back row may seem appealing, but when you’ve only just met your date, sitting in silence through a two-hour film can be a little awkward to say the least. If you are determined to find a partner who will watch Zoolander 2 with you, go out for dinner beforehand or head for drinks after, to ensure you get a chance to chat.


HOT – The Theatre


The theatre is a fantastic choice for a first date. It’s a little out of the ordinary, it will show that you’re cultured, and the interval will give you plenty of time to talk. Plus, if you’re savvy, you could squeeze in a pre-theatre meal beforehand, to wine and dine your date at a fraction of the price!


NOT – Comedy Club


Comedy nights are a risky choice for a first date. You may seem to have a similar sense of humour through your online dating conversations, but stand-up comedy can divide opinion and even cause offence if your date is easily shocked. Save it for the second or third date when you’re confident that they’ll remember it for the right reasons.


HOT – Bar


If you haven’t quite made up your mind about your date, suggest drinks at a bar. That way, you’re not committed to hours in one another’s company, so you can stay for as long as you like. Just beware of over-indulging on your first date; one thing may lead to another, or you could simply make a fool of yourself as the sober filter slips away…


NOT – Coffee Shop


There’s nothing sexy about grabbing an espresso on your lunch break. Dressed in your work uniform, with your afternoon workload on your mind and only 30 minutes to chat doesn’t lay the foundations for an intimate, lasting relationship at all. Save the lunch dates for those mates you haven’t seen in a few weeks.


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