Celebrity Dating: Couples To Keep An Eye On In September

“True love waits in haunted attics”, sang Radiohead’s Thom Yorke on his latest LP, and that sentiment covers a lot of ground on our column this month, where the past is biting our celebs when they least expect it. The latest news is more turbulent than last month, but that’s only making current celebrity dating matches more appealing, if you ask us.

From potential beaus who can’t help but fall back on the rumour mill, to single ladies with some humbling stories, there’s a lot to pick through. Let’s get started shall we?

She better Beliebe it

As Justin Bieber shows off his new squeeze – Lionel Richie’s 18-year old daughter, Sophia – one person definitely isn’t looking on with doe-eyed appreciation. Ex Selena Gomez, former teen idol and Disney star, hit out at The Bieb when he posted a couple-y image of the pair on Instagram.

Gomez accused him of being too public with his feelings, whereas he claimed that she used their on-off dating history for a career boost. Whatever’s going on with Selena is apparently causing concern for her family, since she’s been touring nonstop for 2 months. We reckon she’ll bounce back; hopefully, this time, without broken heart strings on social media.

The one we’ve been waiting for…

Is it the rapture? Has a miracle finally swooped down to us lesser mortals, and delivered a promise we’ve been digesting for years? Perhaps – Entertainment Weekly is reporting that Drake and Rihanna are finally, finally emerging as an official item.

Drake met Ri-Ri on the shoot of her first video, ‘Pon de Replay’, back in 2005. R&B was still untouched by the EDM influence she brought to the table, which is as unthinkable now as their ability to spend more than a few weeks apart. They’ve guested on each other’s tracks, flown around the world together, and shared hotel suites. Drake even used the word “love” in his recent VMA Award tribute to the singer. Fingers, toes and everything in between crossed that this is happening!

Making a Pratt of herself on camera

The new E4 show, Celebs Go Dating, has us all excited for the rollcall of semi-famous faces searching for romance. It’s doubly interesting that they’ll be meeting regular people – you know, the ones with blood in their veins? But for Made In Chelsea socialite Stephanie Pratt, there’s been hard luck to get this far, dating in front of the nation.

Speaking to The Mirror, she explained what happened when she met a guy in a Los Angeles eatery a few years back: “We were in a Mexican restaurant, he kept asking for more chips. He was on, like, a college diet. We went to the bar and I put down a $100 bill and ordered us drinks.” When she came back from the bathroom, there was no change; the guy pocketed the cash and left! Here’s hoping she finds Mr Right on our screens, as a due bit of karma.

That about does it for September, but don’t forget to check back next month for more perfect cheekbones, upturned noses, and more celebrity dating goodness that you can shake a stick at. In the meantime, sign up for a FreeAndSingle account if your dating life’s in the doldrums – we can make your wildest relationship dreams a reality…

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