Celebrity Dating News: June

We aren’t sure what, exactly, has got our love radar spinning so fast. Maybe it’s the rolling influx of pollen in our nose, or the birds dancing in the sky… summer is always a catalyst for sensory overload.

And we’re seriously feeling the heat, as celebrity dating news arises once more, with all the sun-kissed titbits you’d expect! This time, there are identical shirts, mismatched ages, and a prominent lady going AWOL.

So if you’ve been dying for celeb pheromones to keep you going through June, let us tip the net out…

Announcing themselves in Style

Harry Styles is currently making good on his promise to become the most intriguing, subversive One Direction solo star. His music sounds like dad rock sieved through a VH1 best-of countdown, and he’s surprised us again, by hooking up with a girl who isn’t a giant on the entertainment scene.

Not that she’s a nobody entirely – as part of London’s clean-eating, fashionable ‘it’ crowd, Tess Ward has a ton of influence. She probably never imagined to be on the arm of pop royalty, though, until mutual pals introduced her to Styles early this year.

The two called a halt on the secrecy mid-May, when Ward was photographed with the exact same shirt that Harry was wearing a day or two earlier, as well as cooing happily next to him in a car. We hope their hair entangles and forms some sort of mega-attractive alien, which’ll get a cookbook deal overnight.

How to put Cheryl in Payne? Call out the age gap

Ahhh, Nick Grimshaw, how you sometimes do more than wear a shocking quiff… Anyone tuning into his BBC Radio 1 show a few weeks ago would’ve heard his sit-down with Liam Payne, the second ex-Directioner to grace our list. Yeah, sure, they talked about music, fame, and auditioning – but what really set our tongues twirling is his admittance that Cheryl Cole, his 10-years-senior partner, hates to discuss their respective ages.

“We don’t want to talk about that,” he said after Grimshaw tried to edge in a question about Cheryl being a judge on The X Factor when he was just 14. “She’s going to be really offended that you called me 12 by the way,” Liam added, jokingly, after a light taunt from his host.

Fit for a prince, but not his paramour

Who doesn’t dig Prince Harry? The furry fox made headlines early this year when his romance with Suits actress Meghan Markle was outed. It seems, though, that his extended family don’t count her as one of the crew quite yet.

For sister-in-law Pippa Middleton’s wedding, Harry was spotted on his own amidst the couples, flying solo through the ceremony. Reports have claimed that Pippa enforced a ‘no ring, no bring’ rule, leaving Markle in the hinterland of the extended family. Despite that, it’s not much of a setback: Harry and Meghan seem tight as can be, and we’re betting there’ll be more nuptials before the Queen can even lower her waving hand…

The celebrity dating news has been glorious this month, so stay on-board, celeb fans, for further flirty developments! Sign up for a free online dating account if you haven’t done so already – we want all of you to be superstars in your own love life.

Photo Credit: Kate Elizabeth

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