The Big Spring Clean: How To Clear Away The Dating Cobwebs

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As the days get lighter and we start to plan for the months ahead, it feels good to cast out the old and welcome the new. So how about spring cleaning your love life? If you’ve been seeing someone who doesn’t set your world alight, or you’re experiencing something of a dating drought, what’s waiting around going to change?

Whatever your stage in the dating journey, we’re here to help you spring clean your love life with a few expert tips to reinvigorate your relationship status.

Best face forward

Welcome in the new season with a new look; add a summery photo to your online dating profile, and make sure you’re smiling! If your image has had a spring makeover then let your profile photo reflect that – a new haircut or colour, experimenting with different makeup or even clothes can do wonders for your confidence and that will shine through! Also ensure that your photos include a mix of angles and situations, incorporating a headshot, mid-shot, and ideally an active shot doing something outdoorsy.

Be sociable

Make sure you mention sociable hobbies on your profile – especially summer-friendly outdoor pursuits, which will provide first date ideas for the coming season. So focus less on your love of reading, and talk up date ideas such as going to festivals, long walks with your dog and going to the beach or park. Free dating ideas like these come so much easier in summer!

Explore new dating sites

If you’ve been relying on one or two free dating sites, cast your net a little wider and try out some others too. We have a diverse range of sites to dive into. Just remember to always practice safe online dating; not only by meeting dates in a public place, but by avoiding some of the dating scammers out there who are just looking to take your money.

Ditch the list

Consider adjusting the way you approach internally too. Do you have a list of pet hates or turn-offs longer than your arm? They could be getting in the way. It’s good to know what you do and don’t like, but usually, what works on paper isn’t nearly as important as how chemistry occurs in real life – so be open-minded enough to allow the unexpected into your life. Some of the top dating sites give great advice – make the most of this if you ever feel stuck in a rut.

We hope we’ve helped you start enjoying this next phase in your quest for happiness with renewed enthusiasm. There’s no time like the present to start getting on with a brand new chapter in your love life; so take the first step in your dating spring clean by signing up to our free online dating platform today!

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