Dating Dealmakers and Breakers

Dating deal breakers

We might pride ourselves on being inclusive, curious fish in the online dating waters, but there are simply some things that either clinch an attraction between two people or thoroughly destroy any sense of chemistry.


You may have got on swimmingly in your online dating conversation, but when the cards are on the table for two, it doesn’t take long to assess if someone is right for you. Here are some common deal-clinchers that can either make or break that all-important first date.




Animal lovers are a species unto themselves, breathlessly comparing their tabby cat’s saucer habits with one another, sniffing out fellow puppy love like the creatures they so thoroughly dote on. There’s nothing wrong with spending your weeknights curled up with a dog on the sofa. Be warned, though, if you profess your obsession to the pet-adverse. They will nod and smile and secretly think you only have room for one special companion in your life.




When an inked-up couple are sitting together at a restaurant, they can look like a canvas of creativity, style, and mutual appreciation for the aesthetics of body and mind. When a girl the next table over is hiding behind the menu while her bloke flexes the new tribal on his triceps, something is clearly amiss.


People that have tattoos don’t necessarily ignore people that don’t, and vice versa. However, the opinion of a tattoo can go great lengths to determining whether you want to wake up in the middle of the night to your new squeeze or not.


Bad jokes


Bad jokes can be brilliant. They make your date aware that you’re at least trying to entertain them. “So this guy . . .” you’ll say, one eye pre-crinkled in guilt, your brain whirring with alternatives that may kill the romance or lift it to another level.


Unfortunately, it’s impossible to tell whether someone will actively like your awful humour. They may just thank you for the effort, patting your hand like a nephew to an elderly relative when your outmoded social skills are affirmed.




It’s tempting to lubricate some ordinary conversations with the glug of wine pouring into a glass, or an ill-timed Sambuca shot. Booze can wipe away the timidity of a first date in minutes. For that it can be applauded and condemned, as a tool that can disguise intimacy in a wash of distracted drunk-talk.


If you’re serious about starting a relationship, go easy on the alcohol. Notice her dress, his wrist cuffs, the way your partner’s lips melt around a word. Having a drinking buddy out of the blue is amazing, but don’t let it come at the cost of true courtship.


Everyone has their own set of dealmakers and breakers, but these are just a few of the most polarising topics and traits that can instantly turn your date off or on. Want to find someone who’s on the same page? Find local singles near you at FreeAndSingle today.

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