How to Attract Mr Right When Online Dating

Attract Mr Right Online

Are you tired of receiving first messages from guys who are getting in touch for all the wrong reasons? Or are you hardly getting any responses at all from your online dating profile? Success when dating online depends highly on your profile, and what it says about you as well as who you are looking for. By tweaking this to reflect the real you and draw in your perfect match, as well as being proactive and smart in your online dating activity, you can attract Mr Right and make the most of your internet dating experience.


Be Honest, But Appealing


When creating your online dating profile, you have to strike a balance between being honest and writing what you think men want to see. A guy might switch off if your sole interests are shopping, going out with the girls and watching chick flicks, but equally you don’t want someone to contact you solely because they believe you share a love of beer and football if you don’t. Try to make your profile reflect your real interests and personality, but bear in mind that you are trying to engage a bloke’s attention, not a gay best friend.


Don’t Encourage Creeps


Whilst you might want guys to think you’re sexy, cool and up for anything, this can really give off the wrong impression if you don’t keep it subtle, and attract unwanted attention. Your profile photo here is essential; of course, you want to look your best, but if a guy is drawn in solely because of your cleavage or short skirt then he’s probably not going to be interested in your stunning personality and favourite pastimes. On a similar note, try to avoid overly suggestive bios, first messages, and replies when internet dating if you’re looking for Mr Right. If you’re serious about finding someone special, then keep the tone above board and focus on fun flirting instead.


Make the First Move


Many women stick firmly to their beliefs that it should be the man who makes the first move, but with online dating the game has changed. Introducing yourself to a man isn’t like going over and buying him a drink at a bar. Nor do you need to be overly forward in an online dating first message to guy. With free online dating, you can easily find someone who ticks all the boxes, so don’t let the opportunity slip by waiting for him to get in touch. Say hello, introduce yourself and you never know where it could lead!


To attract Mr Right when dating online, you ultimately need to get inside his head. Steer clear of signs that might be a red flag to a bull, be honest, and even proactive. But remember that at the end of the day, if he doesn’t like the real you and connect with the things that make you tick, then he probably won’t be perfect for you in the first place. So don’t underestimate the importance of being yourself.



Photo Credit: Che Rosales

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