How to Impress a Single Parent

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With millions of single parents around the world, it’s extremely likely that your free online dating journey will involve encounters with single Mums and Dads. But if you’re not a parent yourself, you may be a little unsure about how to approach dating a family-orientated singleton.


Whether you’re yet to ask them out on a date, or things are starting to get serious, we’ve got some tips to help you wow a single parent, and avoid making any blunders!


Don’t play games


Single parents have enough on their plates without figuring out mixed messages and subtle hints. Shrouding yourself in mystery may work with some men and women, but it’s unlikely to get the intended response in this situation. Be open and honest from the start to gain the respect of a single parent – it will mean that you know where you stand too!


Be flexible


Finding free time without the kids can be tricky as a single parent, so be prepared to work around their schedule to a certain extent. It may be that they can only get child care on certain days or nights of the week. As a thoughtful gesture on the second, third or fourth date, offer to split the babysitter costs to make dating less expensive for them.


Take an interest in the kids


You should be clear of one thing when dating a single parent – the kids come first. So if you’re ever going to compete for their attention, you need to win the hearts of the little ones too.


In the early stages, express a genuine interest in their children. As things progress, make it clear that you would like to meet their kids when the time is right. And when that crucial first encounter arrives, pull out the stops to impress the children, and you’ll wow Mum or Dad too.


Make them feel special


Whilst parents don’t think twice about putting their kids first, often they forget to prioritise ‘me time’ in the process. So when planning date ideas to whisk your new partner off their feet, consider options that will help them relax, unwind and feel special. A spa afternoon, for example, is a great way to leave your date feeling pampered during their rare break from the little ones!


Parents aren’t a world apart from the rest of us singletons, but they do take a little extra consideration if you’re going to make it past the early stages of dating. Follow these tips to get in the good books of a single parent, and you could be welcomed into a new family in no time!
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