How To Move On From Your Ex – FAST!

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Being on the end of an “it’s not you, it’s me” breakup can be a big confidence shaker, but a split is all part of life’s rich dating tapestry and doesn’t necessarily need to evolve into a crisis. In fact, it could be the making of you! It might be difficult to start with, but let’s take a look at some simple tips on how you can move on from your ex and get your life back on track.


Cut the Ties


Nothing screams “it’s over!” louder than silence. If calls, texts or secret rendezvous are still happening between you, what chance do you stand against getting over your relationship? Be bold: delete their number, and resist the urge to check their Facebook status or read their Twitter feed – unfriend and unfollow. The quicker you sever the ties, the quicker you’ll move on and start a new life without them.


Give Yourself Some Attention


Being in a relationship can be wonderful, but it can also mean a lot of compromise and less time doing exactly what you want to do. Now you’re single, why not just indulge yourself? It could be as simple as watching that movie you know he hated, or having a marathon gaming session that she really hated… maybe even something a little more extreme or luxurious. Whatever works – just take pleasure in doing the things you couldn’t do when you were together.


Hang Out With Your Friends


One of the best ways to get over your ex is to hang out with your friends. Being in a relationship can take over your life and leave your mates cast aside, so a split is a great time to reconnect and catch-up. Whether it’s a night out with the lads or low-key girly night in, your friends will always be there to lift you out of the doldrums.


Dive Into Your Work


Whether we like the daily grind of office life or not, in the aftermath of a breakup, work can be a lifesaver when you feel like you’re drowning in a sea of uncertainty. Throwing yourself into your job can be a great leveller; the 9 to 5 routine and a tightly packed schedule will give you focus and curb the distraction of your ex. Nowadays, it’s not unusual to choose a career over a relationship, but they needn’t be mutually exclusive.


Good Times, Bad Times


Thinking about your ex immediately after the breakup will happen a lot. Something you see or hear will remind you of something you did together, and before you know it you’re reminiscing and wondering why you split up in the first place. But no relationship is hunky dory all the time, so a sure fire way to bring you back down to earth is to remember the bad times. Keep the arguments, irritations and annoyances at the forefront of your mind and you’ll soon stop idealising your time together.


Remember, however hard it is for you now, time is a great healer. By making small changes to your life, pretty soon you’ll be chalking it all up to experience and getting yourself back in the dating game. Want to regain your confidence and meet local singles? Try online dating for free with FreeAndSingle and you’re bound to move on fast.


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