Celebrity Dating: Couples To Keep An Eye On In July

Celebrity Dating

Hello, celeb watchers! Are your bifocals clean? Are you fresh and ready to ravish this screen with your eyes? Good, because we have some delectable celebrity dating gossip to share, which (as ever) gives us hope for love in the craziest of circumstances. If they can do it with paparazzi hiding in their back yard, then we can too! Here’s what our favourite supermen and women have been up to this July…

Low-key or Loki?

It wouldn’t be a FreeAndSingle dating update without a shout-out to Taylor Swift. Although she’s still adorable, being the golden girl of pop clearly doesn’t mean acting like it: after splitting with Calvin Harris barely a month after her gushing Grammy’s speech, she’s been spotted all over place with vampiric hunk Tom Hiddleston, kissing and dancing with him like there’s no tomorrow.

We’re all for Taylor’s magnetic pull on the celeb fraternity, but couldn’t she show a bit of reserve now and then? Since Hiddleston’s rumoured to be on the cards for the next James Bond, he might be able to teach her a thing or two about covert operations.

Crazy Train Could Be Back on Track

The world was in mourning when Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne announced their divorce back in May – no, surely, these dynamo dingbats could never, ever separate! Think of Ozzy loudly endorsing his home-made Christmas gravy on their TV show, or Sharon’s cackling, botox-pinched laugh… who else could possibly put up with them?

Reports suggest it’s been pretty hard on Kelly, Jack, and The Other One. But hope survives, mostly due to Ozzy’s praise for her during the press launch for his Ozzfest Meets Knotfest event, and suggestions that Sharon is still speaking to her husband every day. Black magic might not be needed to mend this after all.

Foxxy Lady

Let’s all take a moment of silence – there, we’re done – to acknowledge Katie Holmes’ awful marriage to Tom Cruise, which essentially killed her career, and dragged her into a public debate she never wanted to have.

So praise be to Jamie Foxx, who’s the perfect all-rounder to give Holmes a new lease of life. Rumours have surrounded the pair for a while, but it now appears they’ve been an item since 2013. Will Cruise react? Who honestly cares? Foxx is man enough to treat any spite with one shrug of his athletic shoulders.

More Than Friends

Yeah, the new season of Top Gear was pretty rubbish, yet karma works both ways. Amid the bubbling animosity between co-hosts Matt LeBlanc and Chris Evans, the former sitcom star has found an unexpected sweetheart whilst filming a wedding-themed stunt.

Strangely, the part played by the show’s producer, Aurora Mulligan, seems to be gaining hints of reality. She was the bride in the scene and, subsequently, LeBlanc has become smitten with her. The couple were seen having a laugh at the Hickstead Derby. As long as he steers away from taking her to an F1 race, we’re all for Matt’s continued flirtation with the UK and its women.

So much is happening in the celebrity landscape – rifts, fractures, and a whole lot of dot-joining – that we can’t possibly spill everything here. Remember to keep alert for dating news at every turn, and keep reading our FreeAndSingle blog for tips, tricks and a general fix for your love life.

Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore

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