Leap Year: Time to Seize the Moment, Ladies!

Leap year tradition

Dating traditions are constantly evolving; we no longer take chaperones on dates, expect the man to pay, or ask if your date would like to ‘go steady’. However, some traditions have well and truly stuck where romance is concerned.


Every four years, the approach of February 29th tips our astronomical system back into balance, and moves the ball into the playing field of women around the world. An opportunity to seize the moment and propose to your man, the leap year has long been a day where women take the reigns.


The leap year tradition


As a day that doesn’t exist in a normal calendar year, it isn’t hard to see why superstitions surrounds the 29th of February. The tradition of women proposing on a leap year is thought to span as far back as the fifth century, when St Patrick supposedly granted permission on the request of an Irish nun.


Over the centuries, the tradition caught on in Scotland, Denmark, Finland and Greece, and is very much alive and well today. It may seem a little outdated in an age where women and men are pretty much on equal footing, but it’s a popular tradition that doesn’t seem to be going out of fashion. Besides, it’s still generally agreed amongst both men and women that popping the question is the man’s job – except on a Leap Year, that is.


Seize the moment


However, why should all the fun be reserved for women in a relationship? If you’re a female singleton in the dating game, there are lots of other ways to get in the spirit of the leap year. Why not work up the courage to ask someone out on a date, or take the initiative to whisk the apple of your eye off his feet? If you’re really feeling chivalrous, you could even offer to settle the bill – he’ll appreciate the offer, even if he doesn’t accept!


With just under a fortnight until the leap year arrives, you have plenty of time to conjure up some quirky ideas that will make your date memorable. Take charge of the date planning and organise a few surprises along the way, to showcase your creativity and set the scene for romance. Already a couple of dates down the line? Muster up the courage to ask if he’d like to make your relationship ‘official’.


Modern dating isn’t dictated by rules, but that doesn’t mean we can’t embrace a few quirky traditions. Pluck up the confidence to show your feelings, take charge of the date, or make the first move, and February the 29th could be the start of something truly special.


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