Are Your Online Dating Messages Too Predictable?

We all have different tastes in people, and few of us share an identical idea of the perfect partner. But one trait unanimously regarded as a real turn off is dullness. Unfortunately, if you’re sending utterly predictable online dating messages, you’ll inadvertently project this kind of image to the world, coming across as unenthusiastic and uninteresting when you’re probably anything but.

Here are a few tips on how to spice up your message game and provoke a higher number of responses from other online daters.

Avoid the one-word bore stories

“Hey” and “Hi” are warm, friendly greetings in person, but in the digital world, they’ve quickly become associated with tedium and laziness. The one-word bore story rarely elicits a positive response from a match, but online daters continue to write it anyway – trapped by fear of saying something that makes them look foolish.

But playing it safe doesn’t get you dates. If you want to start a meaningful back and forth, you’re best off dumping the bog-standard salutations and stepping outside your comfort zone. Follow up your greeting with a question, say a bit more about yourself, or maybe even open with a joke.

Prove you’ve actually checked out their profile

Some online daters take the one-size-fits-all approach to messaging and fire over the same write-up to every single person. Millions of people use online dating platforms now, and questions like “How are you?” or “How’s your weekend been?” are ten a penny and all too familiar.

If you want to cut through the noise, prove to your potential match that you’ve actually taken the time to read their profile. For example, if they’ve written about starting a new job, you could ask them how they’re finding it so far and whether they’re enjoying the new career move.

Share common ground

When you’re trying to whip up a conversation with somebody on a dating site, there’re few better ways to encourage a response than by showing them you share some common ground.

If you eye a profile adorned in rock music references, for example, you could immediately address these in your first message – showing your mutual love for this genre and suggesting there could be an instant connection. If their profile pictures are populated by dogs, you could tell them a bit about your pet canine.

Ask for recommendations

We all like to feel like experts from time to time. That’s just the human way. If someone has “passionate festival go-er” or “complete bookworm” listed on their online dating profile, you can jumpstart a conversation by asking them for recommendations: “What’s the best festival you’ve been to? Looking for a good one to visit this summer!” or “Need a new book to read! Can you recommend a good one?”.

This will give them a big incentive to respond and give them the chance to prove they’re in the know about a particular subject. Whether you agree with their recommendation or not, it’s guaranteed to give you plenty to talk about!

Now you know how to mix messages up a bit, you’ll be able to give yourself the best possible chance of getting a great convo started and ultimately securing a date. Try out your new message technique on FreeAndSingle today. You can sign up right now for no charge and meet your match on our fantastic free dating site.

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