Puppy Love: It’s Officially Good For Us!

puppy love

If you own a pet, you’ve probably come to terms with the fact that your romantic relationships have a furry third wheel at their centre. Yes, we love our cats, dogs, and reptiles – who hasn’t let a critter of some sort snuggle between the sheets, ignoring your partner’s qualms against wet noses at 6 in the morning?

It’s great to share an animal with another human being, but there still seems to be a stigma attached to singletons unashamed of their pet obsession. Yet finally, new evidence has emerged suggesting the myth of crazy cat ladies should be banished for all eternity…

Let’s take a look at how your self-professed pet affection could make your dating life better than ever:

It’s simples!

A study conducted by Comparethemarket.com has revealed how pets can lead us to love. We can’t think of a better source for such research, seeing as the company’s mascot delights millions across the country. Their pet insurance division set out to uncover the amorous qualities of people who own an animal and aren’t afraid of showing it.

The results are fascinating: 55% of pet owners consider themselves happy and fulfilled, which means they’re inhabiting a quiet confidence about who they are. This may explain other findings, or at least evidence how important self-worth is to finding a partner. For instance, almost 1 in 5 full-time workers have made a friend whilst out walking their pet, and a staggering 16% of those surveyed translated this into a relationship.

Put simply (ahem), pets appear to be great facilitators for conversation. Anyone who’s seen a dog’s big, smiling face swivel in a roomful of people can attest to this, but it’s great to have something concrete to back it up.

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Animal instincts

Furthermore, 85% of participants reported feeling more at ease when approaching a pet owner. That’s a massive statistic, and speaks for the conscious associations we harbour for people who appear caring and considerate.

The study also highlighted a regional divide, with the North of England having an edge over the South for the amount of pet-centric conversations with a stranger (44% to 25%, respectively). This could, in part, be due to condensed urban spaces limiting where you can take your pet; if you let your cat out in a crowded apartment block, it’ll take care of itself for the day.

Endearingly, 45% of widows have interacted with someone new for the same reason, and 1 in 3 of that demographic have made friends as a result. Even if you’re in a committed relationship, you’re probably reaping the benefits: more than 2 fifths of people think a pet has tightened the bond with their beau, all the more reason to reserve that middle space in the sofa for Whiskers or Fido.

We hope this data will make all of you pet fanatics take stock of why you’re so special. Online dating should never exclude anything that’s close to you, especially a passion that can actively land you a great catch. Ready to profess your puppy love? Join FreeAndSingle to meet likeminded singles in your area!

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