Safe Online Dating

Keeping you safe online is our goal. FreeAndSingle does more than most other dating sites to ensure you always have a safe online dating experience.

1. We share knowledge on safe online dating

FreeAndSingle provides you with comprehensive advice on how to stay safe from scammers and opportunists. We feel it’s important to share our knowledge with you. Our team posts tips and advice on how to spot scammers, and how to avoid falling prey to them. Not only that, we’ll keep you up to date on the latest scammer trends.

This is where you can find these resources:

2. Our team works to keep you safe

We have a dedicated Customer Services team who work around the clock to keep our sites scammer & nuisance free. Here’s how…

We check every profile

We manually check every profile that joins FreeAndSingle. Their About Me, and any photos that they upload are all moderated by hand, not by a machine. Not that we don’t like machines…it’s just that they can miss things. Our system traps any suspicious-looking messages, which we then review manually.

We use world-class anti-scammer software

FreeAndSingle partners with Scamalytics, who are world leaders in dating scammer detection. They are constantly monitoring member behaviour, analysing it against similar behaviours detected elsewhere, and acting swiftly to eliminate fraud from our service.

Report fake or nuisance profiles

There’s a Report Profile link under every profile, making it easy for you to report other members. We will investigate the matter as quickly as possible, and if necessary, remove that member from the service. Don’t be afraid to report someone. Reporting is completely anonymous, and is dealt with swiftly and courteously by our team. Please remember that you are our main concern, so there’s no need to worry.


Scammers & time-wasters are an unfortunate part of online dating. They target all dating sites, and unfortunately they sometimes get through. The combination of anti-scammer software and our super-human support team means that you’re safe. But you must still protect yourself. Meeting someone online is no different to meeting them in person. You wouldn’t trust someone you just met on the street with your inheritance, would you? Well, the same goes for online dating. Make sure you read all our tips on Safe Online Dating. And make sure you remain cautious and behave sensibly.