The Anatomy of the Perfect Online Dating Photo

Perfect Profile Picture

They say you should never judge a book by its cover, but it’s hard to deny the power of the photo in the world of online dating. And who can blame us – when meeting singletons online, good photos stand out, give members credibility, and showcase their personality.


You don’t need to have a Hollywood smile or a beach body to make your online dating photo turn heads. By selecting a photo that ticks the right boxes, it’s easy to rise above the competition and grab the attention of someone special. To help you achieve online dating success, here are a few key elements of a winning profile picture:




Cliché though it may sound, your eyes are the windows to your soul. So if possible, choose a photo that shows your full face, to give potential suitors a chance to gauge your personality. You don’t have to look right at the camera – although this could be a flirty way to catch the eye of local singles – gazing into the distance can look just as attractive.




It’s hardly surprising that photos with the subject smiling get far more attention that more sultry, serious images. Show the world what a happy, fun-loving person you are with a photo from your holiday or a special occasion. This will send off positive vibes, and make you far more approachable.


Clothes and Props


There’s no hard and fast rules when it comes to clothing – except that you should wear some! Guys, shirt-less photos rarely get the desired response from women. And girls, if you’re looking to attract someone who’s interested in more than your body, leave something to the imagination!


Choose a photo with clothing that showcases your personality, whether that’s your holiday outfit, your favourite suit, or casual wear on the weekend. Do you play the guitar, love sports or have an interesting hobby? Select a picture that hints at your interests to give singletons a talking point if they decide to get in touch.




You only get one chance to make a great first impression, so make sure the picture you choose is good quality. Ideally, your photo should have a clear resolution (no blurry front-facing camera selfies, please!), be taken from a medium distance (flaunt your figure as well as your face), and shouldn’t be obviously cropped (cutting out your friends – ouch!). Can’t find a photo that ticks all the boxes? Have fun creating a new one!


Increase your response rate and watch your popularity soar, by ensuring that your online dating picture combines the key ingredients of a winning photo. We can’t promise you’ll meet Mr or Miss Right overnight, but you’ll have a much higher chance with a show-stopping profile picture!


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