The Do’s and Don’ts of Going to a Date’s House

Going to a date's house

Has your latest squeeze suggested you spend some time at their place? A pleasant (and cheaper!) alternative to going out for a meal or catching a movie at the cinema, being invited into someone’s private space can be a fantastic opportunity to learn more about them, and get to know each other better in an informal setting. However, it can also signify a sizeable step forward in a relationship, making it a somewhat daunting prospect too.


Whether your date is planning a romantic candlelit dinner or a snuggle with wine and Netflix, we’ve got a few dating etiquette tips that will ensure you’re invited back in no time!


DON’T go to someone’s house for a first date.


Your safety is paramount, so don’t consider entering the home of a person who is effectively a stranger. Even if you’ve chatted online or met once or twice in a bar, you’re a long way from knowing if you can really trust that person. Neutral, public locations are essential for the first few dates – only go to their home when you feel comfortable and confident in doing so.


DO arrive on time!


It’s never nice to keep someone waiting, even if they are in the comfort of their own home. And if your date is planning dinner, arriving late (or even early!) could throw their timing off altogether. Always stick to the time given to avoid leaving your date in a fluster.


DON’T arrive empty handed.


When you’re first invited over, it’s always a good idea to offer to bring something for the meal. Even if your offer is politely declined, bringing a bottle of wine or a small gift is a gesture that’s always appreciated.


DO compliment their home.


Always find something nice to say about your date’s abode. This will break the ice and remove any tension or awkwardness that often comes with being in someone’s personal territory. Make sure the glass is always full and turn any qualms your date may have into positives– their apartment isn’t small, it’s ‘cosy and homely’; that noisy street below is ‘lively and fun’!


Don’t outstay your welcome.


If your date is looking sleepy or has work the next day and is keeping one eye on the clock, it’s definitely time to leave. Hanging around too long could make you look needy, leave your date tired and tetchy, and ultimately hinder your chances of a future invite! When you feel the time is right, make your excuses and thank them for a lovely evening. A further thank you text when you arrive home is bound to make them smile.


Getting to know someone’s humble abode is all part and parcel of the dating process; dinner in your date’s home can be just as fun and romantic as a night in a gourmet restaurant. Still waiting to meet that special someone? Join FreeandSingle to meet likeminded singles, and who knows where your dating journey will take you!

Photo Credit: wilson_tsui_psu

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