The Element of Surprise: 5 Unique First Date Ideas

Unique Date Ideas

Online dating is an exciting adventure that is full of surprises. First dates are the real deal breakers of the online dating world, when those flirty conversations and snapshots of their life are put on the table as you come face to face. So if this mystery man or woman has really grabbed your attention, you want to make sure that you make an impression on them too. To give you inspiration, here are 5 unique first date ideas that will show them you’re worth a shot.


1. Go For A Picnic


Restaurants are an obvious choice for a first date idea, and whilst they may a reliable option, they are also a little predictable. Plus, the formal setting of a restaurant can take much longer to break the ice. So if you’re in for a sunny weekend, why not surprise them with a picnic instead? Choose somewhere that isn’t overly isolated so they don’t feel uncomfortable, and pack a variety of foods in case they’re fussy. This informal, relaxed setting can make it much easier to get to know one another.


2. Stand Up Comedy


Personality and looks are important, but most people look for a partner with a good sense of humour too, especially women Taking your date to a comedy night can be a great way to suss out if you connect with their sense of humour, and give you an excuse to extend the night after dinner.


3. Get Active


Do you have a favourite hobby, or something that you’ve always wanted to try? Activities such as water sports, dancing, rock climbing, or even bowling can easily break down the boundaries and see if they’re as fun-loving and adventurous as you. However try not to choose something too sweaty – no date is going to look great if you’re dripping with sweat and bright as a beetroot after a 5k run. The emphasis with free dating is fun.


4. Learn Something New


If you’re not particularly keen on the idea of getting active but you still want to try something new and fun, why not take a class together instead? Cookery, archery and cocktail master classes are all hands-on ways to get to know each other. And even if you don’t decide to take your dating any further, at least you can take away a new skill!


5. Spice Up Restaurant Dates


Still set on choosing a restaurant? Don’t just opt for your standard Italian chain restaurant. Why not find a cuisine that neither of you have tried before… Lebanese food anyone? Many restaurants also hold special evenings and events, so something such as a tasting menu can add a little spice to your first date if you like wining and dining.


Give them a day or night to remember by opting for a unique date idea that will stand out from the rest. By showing that you’ve got a spontaneous or adventurous side, they’re much more likely to take an interest and start the date on the right foot. And who knows, it could just lead to a second one!

Photo Credit: Dita Margarita

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