Top 10 Melbourne Date Restaurants | 1: The Tippler & Co

The Tippler & Co


58 Wellington Parade

East Melbourne


Good place to take a date:


Isn’t it refreshing when you don’t feel ridiculous for ordering a beer instead of wine, or swapping dishes half way through a meal? The Tippler & Co makes cosmopolitan casual, and shakes up the norms of the Melbourne date restaurants to create something special but incredibly unpretentious. The happy buzz of the bar flows into the restaurant to give it an infectious vibe where you can shape your evening. Whether popping in for a pint or whiling away the evening with tapas and cocktails, you’ll feel totally at home at The Tippler & Co.


Good place to meet for a first date:


With urban lighting and cosily cramped tables creating a city-chic environment for a first date in Melbourne, you won’t stay strangers for long at The Tippler & Co. Sharing dishes are a delightful way to break down the boundaries, whilst the drinks menu offers something for everyone. Start with a pint and if things go well move onto wine or even spirits, there’s really no template for a trip to The Tippler & Co. If you’re hoping to meet the new spark, it’s a great place to visit with friends on a weekend or after work, and the events such as wine tasting bring in an eclectic mix of Melbournians sharing a passion for food and drink.


The Tippler And Co

The Tippler And Co


Average age:

The Tippler & Co has that cool older brother feel to it that makes people young and old flock to soak up the welcoming warmth of the atmosphere. From work colleagues letting down their hair to romantic couples cuddled in the corner, there’s no fixed clientele and as a result it’s a relaxed space for meeting old friends and new. Turn up in your jeans or get dressed up for a night out, you can dress The Tippler & Co up or down for any occasion.


Time of review:

The best restaurants don’t need to try hard. That’s probably why the take it easy and only open for dinner Wednesday to Sunday, and lunch on weekends. Perhaps they’re playing hard to get, but it certainly seems to be working. The Tipple & Co is packed around the clock, so book ahead to guarantee a fantastic Melbourne date.


Average cost of a meal and a drink:

The Tippler & Co is refreshingly affordable, and isn’t out to get your money. Pay $10-15 for sharing tapas or if you’re in need of a good feed find mains for around $25. For the range of drinks available alone this place is worth a visit, and the kind hospitality of the staff mean you’ll probably stay longer than you bargained for.


Type of cuisine:

Whether you love a juicy bit of meat or prefer a lighter vegetarian salad, the small but well-rounded food menu draws upon European inspiration for great sharing dishes. Favourites include pea and ham hock croquettes, with ginger and date pudding as the cherry on top if you or your date has a sweet tooth. Order dishes sporadically to span out the evening and graze as you natter.


Final word:

Coming out top on the Melbourne date restaurants league, FreeAndSingle loves The Tippler & Co because of its versatility for any romantic occasion. Doubling up as a relaxed environment for that nervous first date and a fun venue for Friday nights with your partner after a long week at work, you’ll fit right in here whatever makes you happy. A go-to option for Melbourne dating, the sharing foods, extensive drinks selection, and feel-good atmosphere are a winning combination.

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