Top 10 Melbourne Date Restaurants | 2: Esca Grill

Esca Grill


650 Mt Alexander Road
Moonee Ponds

VIC 3039


Good place to take a date:


Escape the city centre to the friendly MoPo district for a truly romantic evening that will whisk you both off your feet. If steak, seafood and fine wine are your ideal of special dining then you won’t be disappointed at Esca Grill. The crisp and clean atmosphere is a canvas for you to paint with conversation and good food as the delightful staff make you feel at ease despite the expensive surroundings. Presented with panache, you’ll be sending compliments to the kitchen as well as your date as you tuck into rich and flavoursome dishes accompanied by a bottle of quality wine selected by the Sommellier.


Good place to meet for a first date:


Esca Grill might be a little flashy for a first date in Melbourne, but if that’s your style then you won’t get much better than this. Putting the oomph in upmarket, the focus is on meaty steak and fish and the always-full-wine-glass sort of service that you come to expect from restaurants of such calibre. Premium honest food is emphasised by the open kitchen, where you can find live entertainment with the lightning speed chefs if your date isn’t quite cutting it. However the waiters will soon have you feeling at ease, and after attempting to gracefully guzzle an oyster you’ll hopefully have broken the ice. Expensive but worth every penny, it’s a top choice for fine dining in the suburbs.


Esca Grill Melbourne

Esca Grill Melbourne


Average age:

Of course you’ll find your fair share of silver spoon diners in Esca Grill, but it isn’t overly pretentious and the staff gives five star treatment to each and every guest. The dim lighting mutes the restaurant into your own little world on an evening, so you’ll notice only the pleasant hum of the place as you share food, conversation and stories. Dress to impress here for special Melbourne dating.


Time of review:

Visit for a midweek lunch if you’d like a slightly less showy sitting, or book a table on evenings from Tuesdays to Sundays. This isn’t the sort of place where you waltz in unannounced for a meal, bookings are essential and ensure that you get a seat in this busy restaurant!


Average cost of a meal and a drink:

At $30-$40 for a main Esca Grill might sound very expensive, but when you consider that the menu is made up almost exclusively of steak and seafood then it’s really not that shocking. This restaurant doesn’t really do ‘special’ dishes, as they weave this focus through every dish that they serve up. Meanwhile, the Sommellier has given his all to create a varied and extensive wine list, with a great deal of flexibility in the pricing depending on your budget and knowledge of world vinos.


Type of cuisine:

Whilst vegetarian options are available at Esca Grill, it’s primarily a surf and turf paradise. Steak and chips on steroids, you’ll find powerful combinations such as cauliflower puree and pine mushrooms to accompany your juicy joints of meat. Leave room for dessert, with chocolate and cheese complementing the main menu perfectly for a totally indulgent dinner.


Final word:

Fine dining doesn’t have to be about weird and wonderful kitchen experiments. Sometimes the traditional favourites are just as fancy as those exotic ingredients and strange techniques. Esca Grill does simple and sumptuous with effortless ease, making it an impressive spot for a blow-out Melbourne date.

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