Top 10 Melbourne Date Restaurants | 5: The Hardware Societe

The Hardware Societe


120 Hardware Street


(No website)


Good place to take a date:


A way to a person’s heart is through their belly. There are plenty of great restaurants for fine dining and evening meals in Melbourne, but what about for breakfast? Hardware Societe has hit the spot for endless fans who return time and again to get their favourite breakfast fix. Whilst it may not be romantic in the traditional sense of the word, the menu reflects an infectious love of food and fresh produce that you won’t be able to resist. So whether you’re planning a weekend itinerary with your date or roll out of bed to your bellies rumbling, this is an impressive brunch spot for Melbourne dates.


Good place to meet for a first date:


Play it cool without compromising on the wow factor with a visit to Hardware Societe. If you don’t want to take the leap with formal first date dressed up in your dinner jacket, this is a great place to suss out if a second date might be on the cards. Surprise them with the location for a smashing breakfast or lunch, and it’s a pleasant walk to get there which leaves plenty of time to talk. In fact, unless you get in early you’ll probably find yourself chatting in the queue for a while too. The service and menu is worth it though, and thankfully it’s won’t break the bank for those uncertain first dates in Melbourne.


Hardware Societe

Hardware Societe


Average age:

The word has spread through Melbourne and no one can argue with a great breakfast, can they? You’ll find a mismatch of ages and groups at Hardware Societe that give it a relaxed and unpretentious atmosphere. Turn up in your joggers or put a little effort in to look your best, there’s really no dress code and the focus is purely on the food.


Time of review:

Get in early unless you want to be queuing for upwards of half an hour. This isn’t the sort of place where you book a table a week in advance, it’s first come first served generally speaking. Having said this, the bubbly ambience will soon lift you up as you enter the restaurant and on a relaxed brunch visit it’s a good excuse to span out your Melbourne date


Average cost of a meal and a drink:

Expect to pay around $20 for a brunch dish at Hardware Societe, but with that you don’t get your standard eggs on toast. With market-fresh ingredients and impressive presentation, this eatery puts an extravagant twist on breakfast classics. Hardware Societe boasts a reputation that precedes it, so you can be sure that you’ll get your dollar’s worth on date here.


Type of cuisine:

From classic breakfasts to sumptuous European dishes like baked egg and chorizo, you’ll struggle to choose from the menu at Hardware Societe. If you’re a little on the late side of the morning, they also put on a lunch menu, with favourites such as salmon and pork belly satisfying diners. Just wanting a snack or a coffee? Choose from a tempting array of sweet treats that go great with a mocha or cappuchino for a visit during your lunch break.


Final word:

We all love a dinner date, but if you’re wanting to mix things up or surprise them the next morning with a special brunch, Hardware Societe hits the nail on the head. A laid-back café-cum-restaurant that lets the menu do the talking, you’ll find avid conversations and the smells of the kitchen engulf you in a comfort blanket for unique daytime dates in Melbourne.

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