Top 10 Sydney Date Restaurants | 3: La Tratt

La Tratt


14 Anzac Avenue





Good place to take a date:


La Tratt descended upon unsuspecting Fairfield to give the Sydney fine dining scene a new district of town. Be engulfed by the buzz and warmth of the mochaccino décor as you are greeted by the ever-so welcoming staff, and you won’t feel intimated by La Tratt for long. Whilst the extravagant Italian names on the menu and the award-winning wine list might be a little baffling, someone will happily showcase their knowledge and recommend matching drinks or explain that exotic ingredient. Italian dining taken to the Grammys, La Tratt puts an elegant spin on the cuisine that is perfect for impressing that special someone.


Good place to meet for a first date:


Unlike many restaurants of comparable candour, you won’t feel like you ought to have featured in OK! Magazine to step foot in La Tratt. Sophisticated yet without snobbery, the focus is on the dining experience, not who-spend-the-most-on-their-outfit. The food, presented like a work of art, nevertheless is just as good in your palette, especially guzzled down with a few gulps of Australian wine. The electricity in the air is an exciting setting for a first date, although you’re unlikely to meet someone new here; most diners already have done! The only big issue is getting a table… you might need to jump the gun and book in hope of a second date if you don’t want to be disappointed!


La Tratt Sydney

La Tratt Sydney



Average age:

La Tratt is thankfully extremely unpretentious, and if you have a passion for Italian cuisine and sumptuous wine, then you’ll fall in love with this restaurant. The healthy vibe of the restaurant is a melting pot of ages, occasions and a good show of the Sydney dating scene too. There isn’t a particular dress code, but with the star treatment of the staff you might want to glam up to feel even more special.


Time of review:

You’ll struggle to find a table if you don’t book in advance from Wednesday- Saturday, but you’ll find an empty restaurant the rest of the week. La Tratt only opens 4 nights a week, making it even more popular and exclusive for those eager diners wanting a sensational Sydney date.


Average cost of a meal and a drink:

Expect to pay $20-$30 for a main course at La Tratt, although they have regular mid-week offers that provide great value if you’re on a tight budget but want to see what the fuss is all about. Nevertheless, you might want to wait until payday if you’re wanting to wow your date with taste of luxury.


Type of cuisine:

Steak lovers will find something in common on their Sydney date with the fabulous signature sharing dish, Manzo Alla Griglia. When you decipher the flowery Italian of the menu you’ll also find classics such as cannelloni, lamb shanks and gnocchi with a five star twist. Allow the waiters to match a wine with your menu choices, and hopefully your date will be a match made in heaven too!


Final word:

The best fine-dining restaurants don’t need to be it. La Tratt is effortlessly glamorous, oozes more class than the premium steaks and wines, and is a go-to choice for dating in Sydney that will hit the nail on the head every time.

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