Top 10 Sydney Date Restaurants | 5: Jazushi


145 Devonshire Street

Surry Hills
NSW 2010



Good place to take a date:


Jazz. Sushi. Jazushi. What more could a sushi and jazz lover ask for? If you’re looking for a chic choice for Sydney dates, these guys have struck the right chord. Slap bang in the centre of Sydney, Jazushi serves contemporary Asian cuisine in an oh-so-cool setting with live music that will create a buzz. Certainly one to impress any music lovers, the warm glow and sound of voices intertwined with the beats of the band makes a fun but intimate setting with your partner. Alternatively sit in the bamboo terrace for al fresco summer dining in the twilight. Clean-cut is the order of the day for the décor and presentation of the food, but the wonderful staff and sensual experience of delicious food, drink and lap-it-up music will soon make you feel at home. Be sure to book ahead if you want a good seat for the live acts.


Good place to meet for a first date:


First dates can be a gamble; will you talk the night away or be grasping at straws for conversation? Here you find a lively, rich ambience where silences are never awkward. Soak up the jazzy sounds as you embark upon the Jazushi banquet, a great way to pass an evening getting to know one another. If you want an excuse not to end the night just yet, Jazushi is in a perfect location to access local nightlife, whilst the Belvoir Theatre is just a stone’s throw away. Just be sure that they like jazz in the first place, otherwise you might find them itching to get away for the wrong reasons!


Jazushi Sydney

Jazushi Sydney


Average age:

Jazz might traditionally be a soft spot for the older generations, but in recent years it has had something of a renaissance in Australia. You’ll find diners of all ages on a date to Jazushi, and if you’re new to the jazz scene you might just get a surprise. A great setting for a Sydney date that will warm the cockles, you won’t feel out of place dressing up a little for this restaurant.


Time of review:

With live jazz playing every night, Jazushi is an ideal choice for dates throughout the week. Particularly on weekends it can get quite crammed, so be sure to book a table if you’re thinking of bringing someone here for a date in Sydney.


Average cost of a meal and a drink:

The Jazushi set menu really is something to behold, and at $55 per person really won’t break the bank. Be welcomed by the friendly staff – they’re passionate about the food and will be happy to help you out with the menu. Besides, with live entertainment to accompany your dining experience, you’re really getting a bargain for an evening of fun and food.


Type of cuisine:

Asian cuisine is incredibly versatile and bursting with flavour, so be sure to sample a good selection of the dishes on a visit to Jazushi. From wagyu to cheesecake, your taste buds will be tingling with excitement by the time you’ve finished. Top it off with a nightcap and you’ll not want to go home when the music winds up at the end of the evening.


Final word:

Finding a show-stopping Sydney restaurant that blends the luxuries of five-star dining with a more chilled out atmosphere can be difficult. But Jazushi has got it spot on. So razzle dazzle your Sydney date with an evening of live music and even livelier food at Jazushi.

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